Relocate Mandelbulb 3D window back on screen

If your Mandelbulb 3D window is on a second monitor and you’re viewing through a remote desktop, moving it back onto the main display is very difficult.

Click the program in the Task bar so it has focus. 


Press Alt-Space and then arrow down twice and press Return.

This should allow you to move the window using the arrow keys, or possibly drag with the mouse.

Add print.css to theme in Drupal 8

Edit THEME.libraries.yml. Add the highlighted line:

      css/glazed.css: { minified: true }
      css/print.css: { media: print }
    vendor/classie.js: {}
    js/minified/glazed-mobile-nav.min.js: {}
    js/minified/glazed.min.js: {}
    - core/jquery


Create the print.css file at the indicated location (.e.g., css/print.css).

Add css rules to the print.css file.

Drupal 8 formatted date using computed field

Use a computed field to build a formatted date output from an event date daterange (startdate) and a event status field.


use Drupal\Core\Datetime\DrupalDateTime;

$field_date = $entity->field_date;
$field_status = $entity->field_event_status->entity->name->value;

$field_day = '01';
$field_month = 'Jan';
$field_date = $entity->field_date->start_date;

Switch letsencrypt cert to wildcard to include www

Remove the current cert

sudo certbot delete

pick from list

Update virtual host, comment out SSL portion

Ensure that http virtual host is working - will need this for certbot to work

Check confs

sudo apachectl configtest

Must be error free for certbot to work

sudo systemctl restart apache2

Will also reveal issues in virtual hosts

Wildcard cert to include domain and www

sudo certbot --apache certonly -d ','


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