Chicken boxes to return to Home Office with handwritten knife crime solutions

Move by Word on the Curb is in response to the government’s ‘borderline racist’ #knifefree chicken box campaign

A youth-focused trio will lobby the government with knife crime solutions written on chicken boxes that had been distributed by the Home Office.

The move by Word on the Curb is a response to the government’s #knifefree chicken box, which was described as “embarrassing”, “stupid” and “borderline racist” by critics after being unveiled last week.

Sanders: Cut Prison Population in Half, Create Civilian Corps of Unarmed First Responders

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) unveiled a sweeping criminal justice reform plan Sunday aimed to combat “institutional racism” in the country. The plan includes diversifying police forces, creating a civilian corps of unarmed first responders, ending cash bail, and cutting the U.S. prison population in half.


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