Joy Reid blames a cool April day in New York on climate change tomfoolery

We here at Twitchy are old enough to remember when there was a difference between “weather” and “climate,” but it seems that distinction is long gone.

Our favorite celebrity climatologist has to be Bette Midler, who likes to tweet about climate change deniers anytime there’s a warm day in winter or a cold day in the summer; remember classics like these, when it was 79 degrees for one day in December in New York?

UK may record hottest April day in almost 70 years

Temperature could reach 28C in south-east England as warm and sunny weather is forecast for most parts of Britain

Parts of the UK could experience the warmest April day in almost 70 years with temperatures in the hottest spots possibly reaching 28C (82F).

The current balmy spell is set to peak in the south-east of England on Thursday, where it is forecast to be hotter than Spain and Italy.

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Wind, rain knocks out power for thousands of Mainers

FREEPORT, Maine — Fewer than 3,000 Central Maine Power customers remained without power at 7 a.m. Tuesday following an overnight wind and rainstorm that at one point reportedly knocked out electricity for nearly 10,000 accounts.

The bulk of customers still in the dark were in Lincoln (787), Cumberland (579) and Penobscot (432) counties.

Specifically, 512 accounts on Southport, 360 accounts in Harpswell, and West Bath (251) remained in the dark Tuesday morning.

Weatherwatch: April can still be fickle and extremely wet

The first year of the new millennium saw the wettest April on record across much of the UK

We tend to think of April as being one of the less extreme months, weather wise. And usually it is: a mixture of Chaucer’s sweet April showers and spells of sunshine, leavened by light southerly breezes, bringing back the birds from Africa.

Bangor will warm up Tuesday after freezing rain departs

Freezing rain and sleet iced walkways and windshields in Greater Bangor on Monday morning as late-season cold spell continued to make its way across southern Maine.

But the precipitation is expected to change into pure rain by the evening, as temperatures in Bangor rise overnight and into the mid-50s by Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service.

The weather service expanded a winter weather advisory Monday to cover the entire bottom half of the state — excluding coastal Cumberland and York counties — which is set to remain in effect until noon Monday.

UK set for magnificent but brief burst of spring flowers, experts say

People urged to get out and garden as warm spell finally brings spring displays to life

People should get out and garden in the coming days and weeks to make the most of a spring that “could be over in the blink of an eye”, experts have said.

The recent cold, wet weather and weeks of cooler-than-average conditions mean plants have remained in bud longer than normal, said the Royal Horticultural Society.

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