‘Fortnite’ lawsuit puts spotlight on gaming addiction

(NBC News) “Fortnite” has captivated millions since it hit the gaming scene two years ago.

Some say it’s getting gamers hooked.

One Canadian law firm is even seeking a class action lawsuit against “Fortnite” creator Epic Games, representing two parents who say their 10 and 15 year old children are addicted to the game.

It becomes unbearable at home,” says attorney Alessandra Esposito Chartrand.  “They won’t go for dinner, sometimes they won’t shower, it’s actual addiction and it takes over their lives.”

5 ways to save on car costs

(CNN) – For most of us, having a car is a necessity, one
that is not only a major purchase, but one that can keep draining your bank
account throughout its lifetime.

Insurance, gas, oil changes and repairs are just some of the
many car costs that can drain your wallet, but there are ways to keep your
car’s demands at a minimum.

One tip: Take a defensive driving course. Safe and careful
drivers are cheaper to insure.

Trump 'went off script' during call with Erdogan, senior military source reveals

President Trump “went off script” during his call Sunday with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before he later announced the U.S. will withdraw all troops from northeast Syria ahead of a Turkish military operation in the region, a well-placed senior U.S. military source told Fox News on Wednesday.


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