Jake Tapper Is Stunned That No Actual Republicans Will Come On His Show To Be Objects Of Hate

Yesterday, in the space of some 14 hours, some 29 people were killed and another 60 or so wounded in a pair of mass shootings. The first occurred at a WalMart in El Paso, TX, where a 21-year-old man using some form of AK-47 knockoff killed 20 people. The second took place in a night club district in Dayton, OH. Jake Tapper is devoting an extended version of his State of the Union show to that today because his show sucks and he’ll do just about anything to try to make it relevant. He’s having a problem:

GET SOME! Charles Pierce, Joan Walsh, other ‘tolerant’ blue-checks try inciting the mob against Dana Loesch (key word, TRY)

Like clockwork, every time there is any sort of shooting the Left does their best to blame, smear, and attack Dana Loesch. Well, first they screech about how Republicans shouldn’t be thinking of or praying for the victims, then blame Trump, and THEN they come at Dana.

Which tells us they really don’t care about gun violence, they care about scoring cheap political points.

They may have finally figured out if they’re going to come at Dana they need to bring an army … but even with their ‘mob’ it didn’t go as they hoped.


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