NBC's Guthrie to Sarah Sanders: Does Trump Owe Mueller an 'Apology' for His Rhetoric?

Monday on NBC News’ “Today,” co-anchor Savannah Guthrie grilled White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders over President Donald Trump’s behavior toward FBI special counsel Robert Mueller, whose probe into Russia collusion in the 2016 presidential election just concluded. “[F]or the last

NBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Hawked Under Armour Shoes on Air Without Disclosing Relationship With CEO

NBC News correspondent and MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle reported on and boosted Under Armour shoes on the air, without disclosing to viewers that she had an existing relationship with the sports apparel company’s CEO and, according to individuals at the company, coordinated with Under Armour to defend the shoes.

McCabe: Lisa Page, Peter Strzok ‘Good People Who Served This Country Well’

During an interview with NBC News’ “Today,” former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe defended former colleagues Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, saying the two are “good people who served this country well.” Although text messages revealed the two alleged lovers bashed now-President Donald Trump, McCabe said he never saw “clear bias against the president” from them or anybody else within the FBI in the Hillary Clinton email investigation or the Russia investigation.

McCabe: 'Entirely Possible' That Trump Is a Terror 'Threat'

Tuesday on NBC’s “Today,” former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe attempted to explain the connotations of the title of his book “The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump.” When asked by “Today” co-host Savannah Guthrie if he meant to tie President Donald Trump and terror, he said it was intentional and added that it was “possible” Trump was a threat.

Phillips: Covington Catholic Youth's Response 'Coached and Written Up for Him, Insincerity, Lack of Responsibility'

Thursday on NBC’s “Today,” so-called Native American activist Nathan Phillips offered up his side of the story about an incident in Washington, DC near the Lincoln Memorial last Saturday involving him and school children from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky. Nick Sandmann, the high school student at the center of the saga, appeared on NBC’s “Today” a day earlier, to which Phillips called it “coached and written up” among other criticisms.

NBC's Guthrie to Covington's Sandmann: 'Do You Think If You Weren’t Wearing That Hat This Might Not Have Happened?'

Wednesday on NBC’s “Today,” show co-host Savannah Guthrie suggested Covington Catholic High School’s Nick Sandmann, one of the youths videoed in an what had been described as a confrontation with so-called Native American activist Nathan Phillips, provoked the incident by wearing the red “Make America Great Again” hat that was made famous by President Donald Trump. In her one-on-one interview with Sandmann, Guthrie asked if Sandmann and his classmate weren’t wearing the hat if he thought things might have been different.

Covington's Sandmann on Why He Didn't Walk Away: 'I Didn’t Want to Be Disrespectful to Mr. Phillips'

Wednesday on NBC’s “Today,” Covington Catholic High School’s Nick Sandmann, one of the youths videoed in an what had been described as a confrontation with so-called Native American activist Nathan Phillips, spoke out about the incident with show co-host Savannah Guthrie. Sandmann, who was part of a group of high school students waiting on buses in Washington, DC at the Lincoln Memorial, acknowledged that he had the right to be there, but admitted he wished the incident could have been avoided.

Chuck Todd: Buzzfeed Report a ‘Significant’ Development

Friday on NBC’s “Today Show,” NBC and MSNBC host Chuck Todd boasted about the significance of a Buzzfeed story reporting President Donald Trump directed his then-legal counsel Michael Cohen to lie about a real estate project in Russia. Todd told NBC’s Savannah Guthrie that one couldn’t “overstate” the significance of the report. “In the Trump era we have a hard time sometimes under-calibrating — and everybody is like, ‘Oh my God, oh my God — this is it, this is it,’” Todd said.


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