Coronavirus in Ohio Sunday update: 57,151 cases, 2,911 deaths

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The latest number of COVID-19 cases in the state has been released by the Ohio Department of Health.  

As of July 5, a total of 57,151(+968) cases were reported in Ohio since the pandemic began, leading to 2,911(+4) deaths and 8,172(+61) hospitalizations. There are presumed 40,460(+557) recovered cases in Ohio.

For Male Northern Cardinals, the Redder the Better

This audio story is brought to you by BirdNote, a partner of the National Audubon Society. BirdNote episodes air daily on public radio stations nationwide.… Transcript: This is BirdNote. Male Northern Cardinals, Scarlet Tanagers, and House Finches all have striking red plumage that’s thought to play a role in attracting mates. To develop red feathers, […]


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