Eclipse java project

Build pesky java project in Eclipse

I have a particular java project in Eclipse and every time I clone it fresh, I have to manually set up the build path and project properties.

Fix output folders

In Eclipse, I select the project and press Alt-Enter to bring up the Build path.

Let’s say my project is project and the source folder is project/src.

I change the Default output folder from project/bin to project/target/classes and check Allow output folders for source folders.

Import an existing git project into Eclipse

You have a git project you have already cloned locally. Now you need to open it in Eclipse.

In Eclipse, click File / Import. Filter on git.

Select Projects from Git or the new Projects from Git (smart import) option. Since I know my project has subprojects, I’ll go with that option.

Choose Existing local repository.

Select your repo.

Clone from dev git repo that has self-signed certificate

Your dev git repo is using a self-signed certificate.

When you clone a project from it, git complains saying

fatal: unable to access '': SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate


Clone with ssl verify turned off

git -c http.sslVerify=false  clone .

Once downloaded, set it for your project with

git config http.sslVerify false

Note that you must first have a project to make the above config change.


Install tomcat in Windows 10 and add to Eclipse

Download a specific or latest version.

Grab the zip file since there's no installer.

Unzip it where you place your extra programs, e.g., D:/Programs, so that you have something like


As there is no installation, you'll tell the program using tomcat where it is installed.


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