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Latest reason AOC wants Green New Deal: So NYC subway stations don’t get flooded again

As we told you last night, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was trying to hold the MTA accountable for the subway problems that were compounded because of a July heatwave made things more uncomfortable for commuters. Earlier in the week there were storms that partially flooded some subway stations in NYC.

Forget new manned missions in space. NASA should focus on saving Earth.

NASA was not created to do something again. It was created to push the limits of human understanding — to help the nation solve big, impossible problems that require advances in science and technology. Fifty years ago, the impossible problem was putting a human on the moon to win the space race, and all of humanity has benefited from the accomplishment.

The impossible problem today is not the moon. And it’s not Mars. It’s our home planet, and NASA can once again be of service for the betterment of all.

Heat warnings across US as experts warn of spike in extremely hot days

  • Alerts in place for states as far apart as New Mexico and Maine
  • Climate crisis expected to make heatwaves the ‘new normal’

More than half the US was under excessive heat warnings on Friday amid a brutal heatwave – which experts warned could become the “new normal” because of the climate crisis.

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THERE it is! Bernie Sanders says Trump is ‘threatening the lives of our children’ for not doing something about it being hot in the summer

We told you earlier about ThinkProgress dubbing this hot period in July, as well as other future scorchers, as “the Trump heatwave.” Bernie Sanders is also among those on the Left trying to get some mileage out of some hot summer days:

Berkeley approves salary for czar to enforce natural gas ban (Hint: ‘Good work if you can get it’)

As we told you yesterday, the Berkeley city council proved that their “priorities” are firmly in progressive place after voting to rename manhole covers and anything else that has the word “man” in it. The next order of business was to begin implementation of the city’s natural gas emissions ban, and of course that means they’ll need to hire and pay somebody to police the new law. Being an emissions cop sounds like a pretty sweet gig:

PEAK ‘science’! ThinkProgress gives a name to the July heatwave (just GUESS)

Another summer brings with it a fresh opportunity to use the accompanying heat to sound the alarm about global warming. However, ThinkProgress has added a twist to this year’s heatwave and given it a name (it might be a good idea to put on oven mitts before handling a take this hot):


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