Christine Blasey Ford

Don’t Let The Left’s ‘Believe All Women’ Word Game Distract From Their Glaring Hypocrisy

Conservatives calling out hypocrisy aren’t rewriting history. We’re ignoring the New York Times’ semantic diversion to hold Democrats accountable to the standard they created. Will they #BelieveWomen or not?

Exclusive -- Tara Reade's Lawyer: If Joe Biden Does Not Remember Her, He Should 'Open Up His Record'

Douglas Wigdor, the attorney for Tara Reade, told Breitbart News on Friday morning that former Vice President Joe Biden’s claim not to remember her is all the more reason for him to consent to opening up his Senate records.

Nolte: 7 Pieces of Corroboration that Back up Claim Joe Biden Assaulted Tara Reade

Tara Reade is Joe Biden’s eighth accuser and has something Christine Blasey Ford never had: actual corroboration backing up her claim the former vice president engaged in sexual misconduct with her in 1993, including the allegation of a violent sexual assault.


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