Brett Kavanaugh

Rep. Joe Kennedy III has something to say about impeachment and sexual assault allegations and justice for survivors

It’s always great to hear the new #MeToo generation of Kennedys speak up, and Rep. Joe Kennedy III wants justice for the survivors of sexual assault that we have failed — particularly the ones who don’t recall being sexually assaulted. In that spirit, Kennedy is joining Rep.

Squad goals: Rep. Ayanna Pressley introduces resolution to open impeachment inquiry against Brett Kavanaugh

Rep. Jerry Nadler has already said that his committee is too busy investigation President Trump for impeachment — over what, collusion with Russia? — to consider impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh following that smear piece that ran in The New York Times over the weekend and has since been amended with an editor’s note adding in the fact that the alleged victim doesn’t recall the incident.


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