Brett Kavanaugh

Supreme Court Twitter Poll Backfires Spectacularly on Senate Democrats When Kavanaugh Routs Ginsburg

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee deleted a Twitter poll it had posted Friday asking users if they preferred Supreme Court justices to be like Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Brett Kavanaugh.

Why? The wrong justice was winning.

The DSCC’s account finally cried uncle when users overwhelmingly chose Kavanaugh, whom President Donald Trump nominated last year, over Ginsburg, the 86-year-old progressive icon who’s been on the court since 1993.

Bennet (D) Blames Progressive Group Demand Justice for Failed Strategy Against Trump’s Judicial Nominees

Colorado senator and 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bennet (D.) on Sunday blamed the progressive group Demand Justice for undermining efforts to stop President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees.

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd brought up Bennet’s “F” grade from Demand Justice because he didn’t vote to filibuster Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Democrats Attempt Twitter Poll About SCOTUS Justices. It Goes…Poorly.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), the organization working to elect Democrats to the United States Senate, posted a poll on their Twitter account Friday afternoon on the topic of Supreme Court Justices. It was an apparent attempt to encourage their followers on the issue of SCOTUS nominations — nominations that of course come from the President but must then clear the hurdle of the Senate. So far, the poll has not gone well for them.

‘Shoot for the stars’! CNN busted for breathlessly beating this most sincerely dead Brett Kavanaugh narrative horse

So many of CNN’s precious narratives have imploded that they’re evidently resorting to resurrecting old ones:


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