Brett Kavanaugh

Limbaugh on Brett Kavanaugh Siding with Liberal Justices: Blasey Ford, Confirmation Hearings Worked

Monday during his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh speculated as to why Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was appointed by President Donald Trump based on his conservative bona fides, was siding with the liberal wing

‘HOLD UP’: Looks like Brett Kavanaugh just shattered a pretty major Democratic narrative about him

Wow, clearly Brett Kavanaugh’s not wasting any time looking out for the interests of Big Business:

Mick Mulvaney Talks Trump Record, Tiger Woods, and Chickens at the Federalist Society

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney touted President Trump’s record on regulations and economic growth to the Federalist Society on Wednesday, in a presentation filled with humorous references to Tiger Woods, chickens, Congress’s laziness, and “blowing stuff up.”

NOPE: Senate Democrats try to hide the enormous backfire of their stupid poll, and conservatives OWN, OWN, OWN

As we wrote earlier, Senate Democrats put out a Twitter poll about whether there should be more justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Brett Kavanaugh on the court.


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