Brett Kavanaugh

Democrats Threaten Supreme Court: Reject Second Amendment or Face Court-Packing

Democrat presidential candidates and senators this week renewed their threats that unless the U.S. Supreme Court issues liberal rulings on the Second Amendment and other issues, that Democrats will fundamentally restructure the nation’s highest court, a shocking threat to judicial independence not seen since the 1930s.

Pathetic: Kimberley Strassel spots evidence of how low Rep. Nadler & Dems are willing to go to try and smear Judge Kavanaugh

For more proof that the House Democrats will never allow themselves to come to grips with the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh we go to Kimberley Strassel, who shared a WSJ editorial outlining what lengths Dems are going in their effort to smear the SCOTUS Justice:

Real Life: Michael Avenatti Says He’s 50/50 On Jumping Into the Presidential Race

Just in case you didn’t think the 2020 race was crazy enough, Michael Avenatti told CNBC that he is considering running for President and that there is a 50/50 shot he’ll do so. This would be the same Michael Avenatti that’s currently under multiple federal indictments, including stealing money for a paraplegic.


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