Trump warnings about migrant caravan fall off after election

WASHINGTON (AP) - Did someone say caravan?

One week after Election Day, President Donald Trump’s daily drumbeat of warnings about a caravan of “bad thugs” and potential terrorists intent on invading the U.S. from Mexico has largely fallen silent.


p>The migrant caravans are still trudging along, the largest still about …

What Genghis Khan Can Teach Us About American Politics

Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Winston Churchill, even Barack Obama: there are many historical figures who Americans have turned to for inspiration in this political distemper. That’s especially true with the midterm elections only a week in the books. But I’ve recently found an even more surprising leader who offers a number of political lessons worth contemplating: Genghis Khan.

I’m quite serious.

Bloody, Cosmopolitan Sarajevo

The free walking tours that have become popular across Eastern Europe are an unreliable guide to local history but a good way to learn how a city is trying to market itself to outsiders. In Sarajevo, the powers that be seem to have settled on multi-faith cosmopolitanism as their main selling point. Sarajevo is “the European Jerusalem,” a place where Jews, Muslims, and Christians have peacefully coexisted for centuries. Recent history has an unfortunate tendency of intruding on this hopeful story. Yes, those are bullet holes.


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