Comey blasts GOP: 'They're talking about Hillary Clinton's emails again'

Former FBI Director James Comey on Friday blasted the House Republicans who called him to testify for nearly seven hours behind closed doors, saying they were rehashing old ground he saw no reason to cover.


p>”They’re talking again about Hillary Clinton’s emails again, for heaven’s sake,” Mr. Comey told reporters …

Some nonprofit groups would be exempt from proposed ticket tax

Fundraising events organized by nonprofit groups not related to the arts, including the All American Quarter Horse Congress and the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, would be exempt from proposed ticket-tax legislation that’s scheduled for a final vote Monday by the Columbus City Council.The change was among amendments made in advance of the session — the last city council meeting of the year — with potential additional amendments that could be offered prior to […]

Federal prosecutors recommend ‘substantial’ prison term for former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

Cohen pleaded guilty in August to tax evasion, making a false statement to a bank, and campaign finance violations, admitting that he helped buy the silence of two women who alleged they had affairs with Trump. Last month, Cohen added a guilty plea to one count of making a false statement to Congress, admitting that […]

Police chase Massachusetts man from Bucksport to Winterport, hitting 100 mph

Police chased a Massachusetts man 40 miles through several Hancock County towns at speeds as high as 100 mph on Thursday after he fled an officer who had pulled him over.

The police pursuit of Levon Johnson, 36, of Springfield, Massachusetts, began after Maine State Police Trooper Dana Austin stopped the car on Mast Hill Road in Bucksport at about 5:30 p.m. Austin was dealing with another car occupant when Johnson took off, according to a state police statement and court documents issued Friday.


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