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Constructing Jazz Inside Fine Art, And Vice-Versa

<img src=’’ alt=’Jason Moran, Slugs’ Saloon, 2018.’/>

The jazz pianist has pulled the curtain off his polymathic abilities, bringing his fine art exhibition — which includes video, installations and performance — home to New York.

(Image credit: Farzad Owrang/Courtesy of Jason Moran and Luhring Augustine)

PHOTOS: Comedy Wildlife Finalists Offer Ode To Silly Serendipity

<img src=’’ alt=’This Japanese macaque is one of 40 images still in the running for this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photo Award. The winner will be announced in mid-November.’/>

The 2019 finalists for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards demonstrate the joys of the happy accident — from a deadpan Japanese macaque to a squirrel wishing on a dandelion.

Cookie Artist Teaches Edible Lessons In Asian-American History

<img src=’’ alt=’Jasmine Cho’s cookie portrait of Afong Moy, who is often cited as the first Chinese woman to step foot in the United States. Beginning in the 1830s, Moy was put on display before crowds as a curiosity.’/>

Jasmine Cho makes cookie portraits of people like Takao Ozawa, who was denied U.S. citizenship on the basis of race in a landmark case. Her goal: to make social justice lessons more palatable.