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Brexit stumbles -- again -- as Boris Johnson's bid for new vote rejected by UK speaker

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s bid for a new Brexit vote was shot down Monday by the speaker of the House of Commons, the latest blow in the prime minister’s uphill trudge to carry out the results of the three-year-old vote that authorized Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Chinese military official slams US's foreign policy, says ‘no one and no force’ will get in Beijing's way

China’s defense minister took a fresh swipe at U.S.’s foreign policy Monday by vowing “no one and no force” will get in the way of his country’s annexation of Taiwan – and any nation that tries is “doomed to failure.”

Kurdish military leader says his fighters still want to work with US, accuses Turkey of 'violating' cease-fire, 'ethnic cleansing'

The Kurdish military leader who serves as commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces revealed to Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin in a telephone interview Sunday from his base inside Syria that Turkey’s military has “violated” the planned cease-fire and was continuing to commit “ethnic cleansing.”

Canada's Conservatives offer bland option to Trudeau's flash in Monday's national elections

Even members of his own party say Canada’s Conservative leader is bland. They tout it as a virtue, the antidote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s flash and star power, and they’re counting on this very quality to help Andrew Scheer defeat Trudeau’s Liberal Party in national elections Monday.