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States Say Cybersecurity Is Our Business

States Say Cybersecurity is Our Business

The federal government has been dragging its feet when it comes to addressing cybersecurity concerns.  Federal legislation has been slow to come, and state governments have been developing their own approaches.  Several bills have been introduced and co-sponsored by members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. However, all efforts to address cyber law on a national level have stalled and many states just aren’t waiting around any longer.

Cyber Threat Free Society: Who Is Killing Democracy?

Who Is Killing Democracy?

There is a war going on outside no man is safe from if they live on earth.  Democracy is what we should be fighting for because it underpins our way of life.  However, most people are unaware hackers are picking at a soft democracy like an unhealed sore.  The disruption of voting mechanisms is just a symptom of a greater effort to change the way we think, live and cohabitate. Judging from the energy we now put into resolving the fever the infecting is quietly growing.

Why small business are not serious about their Cyber security

In 2018, is a quintessential part of any and all businesses. Yet, for some reason, small businesses continue to sidestep investing in cybersecurity systems and training. The risk of experiencing a cybersecurity breach doesn’t seem to hit their radar.  And even as the Verizon Breach Report and many others declare small businesses are the main target now, businesses gamble.

Mike Echols Keynotes Travelers Event

The Travelers Institute, the St. Louis Regional Chamber and Small Business Monthly hosted a complimentary symposium exploring tools for small business success. This event, part of the Travelers Institute® national Small Business – Big Opportunity series, featured an interactive discussion with industry leaders on solutions to today’s most pressing small business challenges. The program explored:

Echols Relaunches CMU’s “Cylab”

In December 2015, Carnegie Mellon University re-launched its Cylab. CMU announced this year that it will commit $9M to CyLab going forward. Additionally, this fall, longtime corporate partner Bosch announced it will invest $2.5 million to endow the CyLab Director. This event was held to highlight these commitments as well as to bring the CyLab community together to discuss the future of cybersecurity and privacy.

ISAO Standards Organization Announces Working Groups

Executive Order 13691 directed the Department of Homeland Security to enter into agreement with a non-governmental entity to serve as the ISAO Standards Organization. In collaboration with public and private sector entities, academia, owners and operators of critical infrastructure, and existing cyber threat information sharing organization, the ISAO Standards Organization is to develop a common set of voluntary standards for the formation and functioning of ISAOs.


In 2012 a Report to the President entitled Engage to Excel: Producing one million Additional College Graduates with Degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics was released.  The report identified a requirement for approximately one million more STEM professionals than the U.S. will produce at the current rate over the next decade.  STEM jobs are those like doctors, nurses, scientists, computer engineers, and cybersecurity professionals.  What an opportunity to slingshot Young Black Males (