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Trump Allies Celebrate Disintegration of BuzzFeed's Fake News Hit

Allies of President Donald Trump are out in full force Friday night, rubbing in the revelation from Special Counsel Robert Mueller that BuzzFeed’s once-thought-to-be-explosive story alleging ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen provided Mueller with evidence that the president instructed him to lie to Congress is false.

Ben Smith: We Stand by Our Story - We Want to Know What Special Counsel Means in 'Very Vague Statement'

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith stood by BuzzFeed’s story about President Trump ordering Michael Cohen to lie to Congress and stated that the special counsel’s statement about the story is a “very vague” one that they want to see clarified. Smith said, “[T]he special counsel issued this very vague statement. We are eager to know what he’s talking about.” Smith later added that the special counsel’s statement is “very hard” to understand.