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Inside the Beltway: Democratic nightmare: Voters warming to Trump

Despite non-stop challenges from political rivals and a hostile news media, President Trump can consider some promising poll numbers of particular interest to conservatives, Republicans and faithful Trump fans. The numbers, though not necessarily bell-ringers, suggest the public is warming to the Trump way of doing things.


p>”With the midterm …

CNN lawsuit backing Jim Acosta against Trump in court

Nobody has a First Amendment right to demand access to the White House and CNN isn’t harmed by having reporter Jim Acosta barred from obtaining press credentials, the Justice Department said Wednesday, firing back at the cable network’s new lawsuit.


p>The fight reached a Washington courtroom Wednesday afternoon, where U.S. …

High drug prices a target of opportunity for divided Congress


In January, Democrats will hold the majority in the House, dealing a crushing blow to much of the legislative agenda advanced by President Trump and Republicans on Capitol Hill.


p>But a divided Congress, with Democrats holding a majority in the House and Republicans maintaining control in the Senate, means …

German prosecutors seek to lift immunity of far-right leader

BERLIN (AP) - German prosecutors said Wednesday they are seeking to lift the parliamentary immunity of a prominent far-right politician as part of a probe into potentially illegal campaign donations.


p>Prosecutors in the southern city of Konstanz want to investigate Alice Weidel, who is co-leader of the anti-immigration Alternative for …

Veronica Escobar, Beto O'Rourke successor in House, 'would love' to see him run for president

Newly-elected congresswoman Veronica Escobar endorsed a potential 2020 run for outgoing Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke on Wednesday.

“He should run — I would love to see that happen,” the Texas Democrat told The HillTV, “He is still my congressman and I have a lot of love for him.”


p>Ms. …

Jeff Flake to halt judicial nominees until Robert Mueller protection bill passed

Sen. Jeff Flake announced Wednesday that he will not vote to advance any new judicial nominees through the Judiciary Committee, nor will he vote to confirm picks on the Senate floor, until he gets his way on unrelated legislation to prevent the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller.


p>Mr. Flake …