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Cory Booker outlines executive action plan to promote abortion rights

Sen. Cory Booker on Wednesday outlined a series of executive actions he would take to protect abortion rights if he’s elected to the White House, as he and other 2020 Democratic presidential candidates vow to push back against recently enacted laws restricting the practice in states like Alabama.


p>Mr. Booker …

Kamala Harris' bill seeks to address racial bias in maternal care

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Kamala D. Harris is offering a new bill to address racial disparities in maternal health care, one of several plans by 2020 Democratic presidential candidates on the issue.


p>Harris’ bill, first introduced in 2018, would create some $150 million in grant programs to medical schools and …

Phil Scott, Vermont governor, to allow H. 57 no-limits abortion bill to become law

A spokeswoman for Vermont Gov. Phil Scott says he will allow a sweeping no-limits abortion bill to become law, although it may do so without his signature.


p>The pro-choice Republican governor has ruled out a veto of H. 57, meaning that he will either sign it or allow it to …

Carlton Reeves, federal judge: Mississippi abortion ban 'smacks of defiance to this court'

JACKSON, Miss. — A federal judge who struck down Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban last year said during a court hearing Tuesday that the state’s legislators defied his ruling by passing a new law that sets the ban even earlier.


p>The new law - which is not yet in effect - …

Ted Cruz beefs up probe into Yale Law School, citing religious liberty concerns

Sen. Ted Cruz escalated his investigation into Yale Law School this week, issuing a new demand for documents he suspects will show the school discriminates against Christian students.


p>In a letter Monday Mr. Cruz asked the school to reveal how much funding students in different political organizations receive. He’s looking …

Kay Ivey: Alabama abortion ban shows state values 'sanctity of life'

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Alabama’s governor said Monday the new abortion ban she recently signed into law reflects the high value residents place on the “sanctity of life,” adding she doesn’t expect any fallout from the controversial measure on tourism or business recruitment.


p>Gov. Kay Ivey last week approved the most …

Emanuel Kidega Samson sought to kill 10 white churchgoers, prosecutor says

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A prosecutor said Monday that a black man charged with fatally shooting a woman and wounding seven people at a Nashville church aimed to kill at least 10 white churchgoers and cited a 2015 massacre at a black church in South Carolina.


p>Nashville Deputy District Attorney Amy …

Chick-fil-A bill advances over LGBT lawmakers' objections

AUSTIN, Texas — A bill pushed by Texas Republicans after the city of San Antonio blocked a proposed Chick-fil-A airport location has advanced over sometimes tearful opposition from LGBT lawmakers.


p>Monday’s key vote in the Texas House reignited tensions over what Republicans call religious freedom issues with just one week …

Mitch McConnell announces push to raise national tobacco age to 21

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Monday he’s backing legislation to raise the national age of tobacco use to 21 years of age, putting major legislative heft behind a growing bipartisan push.

His plan would apply to all tobacco-linked products, including cigarettes and vaping devices.


p>Mr. McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, …