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Vaping industry targeted by FDA criminal investigation

Federal officials on Thursday announced they are directing criminal investigators to investigate the largely unregulated electronic cigarette industry, beefing up efforts to confront a public health crisis amid a growing number of illnesses and deaths linked to vaping.


p>”The focus of their work is to identify what is making people …

Ulrich Klopfer, late abortion doctor, motive sought by police after fetal remains found in home

A county sheriff in rural Illinois said Thursday that the boxes stacked inside a garage at a late abortionist’s home looked like they could have stored oil or motor parts — except they held more than 2,000 fetal remains.


p>”In the 31 years I’ve been doing this job, I’ve never …

Young Life, Christian group, rejected by Duke University student government over LGBTQ stance

DURHAM, N.C. — Duke University’s student government has rejected a national Christian organization as an official student group because its policy excludes LGBTQ individuals from leadership positions.


p>The Duke Chronicle reported that student senators unanimously voted against Young Life last week, citing a rule that every student group must include …

Feds cite Islam focus in review of Duke-UNC language grant

The Trump administration is threatening to cut funding for a Middle East studies program run by the University of North Carolina and Duke University, arguing that it’s misusing a federal grant to advance “ideological priorities” and unfairly promote “the positive aspects of Islam” but not Christianity or Judaism.


p>An Aug. …

Trump admin. champions Muslim group denied mosque in Michigan

The Trump administration has come to the defense of a Muslim group blocked from opening a mosque in Troy, Michigan.

The Justice Department on Thursday announced it has filed a lawsuit against Troy alleging the city’s zoning laws, which disallowed the mosque, violate federal protections for religious institutions.


p>”Zoning laws …

Buttigieg frets over 'politics' after fetal remains found at former South Bend abortionist's home

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said Wednesday that he hopes the gruesome discovery of thousands of fetal remains at the home of a late abortionist who once practiced in his hometown doesn’t get “caught up” in the politics of the abortion debate.


p>Investigators in Will County, Illinois, last week found …

3 politicians sorry for using, defending anti-Semitic trope

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Three city council members in New Jersey’s capital city have apologized for using or defending anti-Semitic language while discussing actions taken by the city’s Jewish attorney.

Councilwoman Robin Vaughn apologized in a statement on Wednesday.


p>She says her defense of Council President Kathy McBride was wrong. …

Barrett Fletcher, Pastafarian pastor, leads prayer at Alaska government meeting

SOLDOTNA, Alaska — A pastor wearing a spaghetti strainer on his head delivered the opening invocation at the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly meeting Tuesday.


p>The invocation by the pastor of the Homer congregation of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the second non-traditional invocation before the assembly since …