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Syria military hails advance against rebels in 'record time'

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — Syria’s military announced on Monday that its troops have regained control of territories in northwestern Syria “in record time,” vowing to continue to chase armed groups “wherever they are.”


p>The announcement came hours after troops consolidated the government’s hold over the key Aleppo province, capturing over …

Americans off Diamond Princess cruise ship face U.S. quarantine

The U.S. government sent planes Sunday to retrieve Americans trapped aboard a cruise ship in Japan ravaged by COVID-19, springing hundreds of citizens from their docked despondency while sparking another round of pique by forcing them into another two weeks of quarantine at home.


p>Buses transported them to a Tokyo …

Chinese Maj. Gen. Chen Wei takes leading role in coronavirus fight

A Chinese general with a long record in biological warfare defense was dispatched to Wuhan at the end of January, fueling suspicions about the origin of the deadly virus and whether the outbreak is linked to a secure medical laboratory engaged in COVID-19 research.


p>People’s Liberation Army Maj. Gen. Chen …

Trump administration justification for Soleimani strike leaves some Democrats seething


p>The White House quietly released its formal justification for the Jan. 3 drone strike that killed a top Iranian general near Baghdad’s airport, but the argument failed to satisfy skeptics on Capitol Hill who say the reasons for the attack keep shifting and the legal theory authorizing the mission was, …