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Tokyo Olympics: Japanese, English _ but where’s the French?

TOKYO (AP) - The French language has been almost invisible during the drawn-out preparations for next year’s Tokyo Olympics.


p>News conferences in Tokyo are conducted in Japanese or in English - or with English interpretation. Signs around the organizing committee offices are in Japanese and English. Printed material is largely …

Fiona Hill, adviser with sharp eye for detail, is next up


p>WASHINGTON (AP) - They have heard the measured testimony of career diplomats and the mind-boggling account of a first-time ambassador who declared he was in charge of President Donald Trump’s Ukraine policy. Now House impeachment investigators will hear from Fiona Hill, a no-nonsense former White House adviser who was alarmed …

‘On whose authority?’: What to watch in impeachment hearings

WASHINGTON (AP) - They owned the White House’s policy on Ukraine.

Or so they thought.

Gradually, administration officials on both sides of the Atlantic understood that President Donald Trump was using a back channel headed by Rudy Giuliani to push Ukraine for investigations of Democrats.


p>Former National Security Council adviser …

How Sondland’s testimony stacks up to his past statements

WASHINGTON (AP) - For an ambassador whose credibility had been called into question by fellow witnesses, Gordon Sondland didn’t seem to make any major corrections to past statements in the House impeachment inquiry.


p>He did, however, reveal previously undisclosed conversations, offer additional details about his perception of the Trump administration’s …

It’s World Children’s Day and anniversary of child rights

UNITED NATIONS (AP) - It was World Children’s Day on Wednesday, and British teenage actress Millie Bobby Brown and former England soccer star David Beckham urged people everywhere to listen to youngsters and ensure their rights and their futures.


p>Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the U.N. adoption of the U.N. …