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Proud and confused - but that's sport

I have been trying to write this blog for most of the last fortnight and what I have wanted to say has changed every day.

The logical part of my brain tells me I have got so much to be proud of. I am a two-time Olympian, part of an elite group. I won a silver medal at the 2008 Games in Beijing and have stood on the podium at three World Championships since then.

To then represent my country at a home Olympics is an indescribable honour. However, the emotional part of my brain leaves me feeling confused about London 2012.

Broadcasting revolution of the digital Olympics

So the party’s over, but the clean-up goes on.

While the past few weeks of the Olympics have been incredibly special, the work doesn’t let up for BBC Sport. Alongside the huge network TV viewing figures we have seen unprecedented audience numbers for our digital services - and the challenge now is how we build on what we have seen in London for our week-in, week-out online sports coverage.

London Olympics finally kick off

“How did the London Olympics of 2012 begin, Grandpa?”

“In Cardiff, lad, with a toot on a whistle, and without a flame or cauldron in sight.”

“Whatever, Grandpa. What really happened?”

For all the talk of opening ceremonies, flag-bearers and celebrity cauldron-lighters, the start of the biggest sporting celebration ever staged in Britain was both reassuringly familiar and a touch surreal.

No rows, just planning for Opening Ceremony

There’s been a minor flurry in the past 24 hours about commentary for the Opening Ceremony based on a misleading story in a newspaper.

So here for the record is the true position.

We’ve been working with the Olympic organisers at Locog for literally years on the ceremony planning.

It’s emphatically their ceremony and Danny Boyle’s creative vision, with the main television coverage from a global feed and not filmed by the BBC.

Hard work is done, time for nerves of steel

This blog comes to you from Lago di Varese in northern Italy, where we’re putting the final touches to our preparation for the Olympic Games.

We transfer to Dorney Lake early next week with the Olympic regatta starting on Saturday morning.

The heats for the women’s eight are scheduled to start the day after that, which leaves us the best part of a week before battle commences.

Digital quirk forces Freeview change

This blog’s changing. As we get into Olympic Games-time it’s going to be shorter, snappier and more frequent - maybe even daily when the action starts.

What I’m going to do is pick up some of the main issues about our coverage, and give people the chance to offer us feedback.

So here’s the first one, which is advance notice of the way we’re going to have to arrange our commentary services for the Opening Ceremony.

BBC's sport programmes move to the fore

In our planning for 2012, there was never any doubt about what would be the most intense period: the Olympic Games themselves from July 27 to August 12.

But we also knew that this would be a summer where people would want to enjoy the build-up to the big event.

That’s why we committed to covering the Olympic torch relay on every step of the journey and why we’ve always been enthusiastic supporters of the London 2012 Festival.