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Top stories: Report indicates river flooding could get worse

No. 5 | After Hurricane Irma forced the St. Johns River to swell beyond its banks and rush into downtown Jacksonville and other low-lying neighborhoods near the river and its tributaries, the Florida Times-Union explored what role, if any, the extensive man-made deepening of the once lazy river played in the 150-year flood.The portion of the river that flows through the city’s urban center today is both saltier and far more influenced by the Atlantic […]

Top stories: Baby Kamiyah's kidnapper sentenced to prison 20 years after stealing child

Nearly 20 years after the unthinkable happened, a Jacksonville mother walked to the front of a packed courtroom and looked into the eyes of her child’s abductor.Somehow, even she’s not sure how, she did not start hollering like many expected her to do on this day in May. Shanara Mobley stayed focused, even through tears, when she spoke of the heartache she suffered when her newborn Kamiyah Mobley was kidnapped from her hospital room nearly 20 […]

St. Johns Santas for Seniors brings Christmas early to Jacksonville assisted-living facilities

Rhonda Wheeler was particularly thrilled with her new comfy, cozy slippers and blankets.Robert Shaffer was ready to play with his new deck of cards and puzzle.Virginia Winn Owens immediately donned her new, matching scarf and cap — the gloves were still to be tried on — and decided to give her old cap to her friend Ray.Santa, in the form of volunteers from Saint Johns and several health care companies, had come early to the Bishop Christian Home, an […]

Top stories: Duval school board hires new superintendent

NO. 7 | When Duval County’s School Board unanimously hired Diana Greene to lead the 130,000-student school district last May, they predicted a new era of collaboration, higher academic achievement and broader community support for schools.Among Greene’s selling points was the fact that, as Manatee County superintendent, she helped convince voters twice to raise taxes and financially support their schools. […]

Cuteness alert: Otter pup born at Jacksonville Zoo, named Scotter

An Asian small-clawed otter pup recently born at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is the first of its kind born there since they debuted in the Land of the Tiger exhibit in 2014.The pup, named “Scotter” by a zoo patron, was born Nov. 14 to first-time parents Carlisle and Harley. Three ounces at birth, Scotter is now 18 ounces but is just now opening its eyes, according to the zoo. Asian small-clawed otters are the smallest of the species and are such slow developers that zoo […]

Jacksonville man found shot and killed in St. Johns County

St. Johns County sheriff’s deputies found a Jacksonville man dead Sunday afternoon inside a pickup truck on Poa Boy Farms Road.An autopsy showed Everett Davon Thompson, 39, died from being shot. Deputies found him inside a 2019 silver Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck that he had recently rented, according to the Sheriff’s Office. He was formerly of St. Augustine.Detectives think Thompson traveled from Jacksonville between 8 p.m. and midnight Saturday to the rural area of St. […]

JEA wants to slash $1 billion in debt by 2023

JEA chief executive officer Aaron Zahn plans to cut the utility’s $4 billion debt by about $1 billion over the next five years, one of the first major initiatives Zahn will lead after his recent appointment as the agency’s permanent leader in November.The underlying philosophy behind Zahn’s approach is not new. His predecessor, Paul McElroy, also made debt reduction a major priority after the utility spent years racking up expenses earlier in the 2000s by expanding its water and […]

Jacksonville police investigate 2 Christmas Eve shootings

Jacksonville police are investigating two separate shootings on Christmas Eve.The first involved a suspected burglar shot by a resident about 11:30 a.m. in the 1000 block of Woodstock Avenue near First Street. Police said the resident saw him coming out of the house and confronted him. Some witnesses advised both parties knew each other. The injuries were not life threatening, according to police.The second was a little more than an hour later in the 500 block of Brockham Drive […]

N.J. father and son were returning from Disney vaction when plane crashed

A New Jersey businessman and his son have been identified as the pair on board a small private plane that vanished offshore in the Jacksonville/Ponte Vedra Beach area Thursday. They were flying home following a Disney vacation.Peter Renzulli, 51, and his 18-year-old son, Daniel, of Bridgewater, N.J., are missing and feared dead.Justin Marchetta, a Parsippany aviation attorney representing the family, said they were devastated to learn searchers couldn’t locate the missing […]