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Mark Woods: When it comes to elections, Florida counts. And then recounts.

Florida is, once again, a gold mine of material for late-night comics and prime-time cable news hosts.This state certainly does plenty to earn its reputation as a weird and wild place, where an average Friday involves an alligator-toting shopper running into a convenience store to pick up a six-pack.Now we have Recount II (and III and IV), which has led to this being described as “the worst ‘Back to the Future’ sequel ever.”Butterfly ballots are gone, but […]

Duval school officials plan to buy at least 2 metal detectors for each high school

Duval County school district officials meeting Tuesday said they want to buy enough metal detectors for each high school to have at least two, but instead of making students walk through them every day, they want to deploy them as needed to deal with threats.The proposal is for 44 walk-through detectors, which district and school administrators would use to scan students and their bags.The proposed frequency of use is different from early discussions, which implied students […]

Gillum angry about emailed votes, Trump tweet

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — The Latest on the Florida election recount of 2018 (all times local):8:30 p.m.Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has expressed outrage that some voters in hurricane-ravaged Bay County had been allowed to vote by email against state rules.Gillum spoke Monday evening at an African-American church in Boynton Beach. […]

Judge lashes out at feuding Nelson, Scott as recount labors on

TALLAHASSEE — Ballot recounting continued Monday in Florida’s three razor-close election contests, even as a judge urged attorneys for Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson to cool the fiery rhetoric between the dueling sides.Broward County Circuit Judge Jack Tuter rejected Scott’s bid to have law enforcement impound election equipment in the county, but agreed to order more sheriff’s office security while the recount goes on […]

Repairs start this month at former Eureka Garden, says new owner

Multimillion-dollar repairs will start this month at part of a long-struggling chain of Jacksonville apartments whose owner sold them two weeks ago, the new owner said Monday.Valencia Way, the new name for the Westside complex known for decades as Eureka Garden, is scheduled to receive $24 million in improvements between now and 2020.The work at the complex at 1214 LaBelle St. is the biggest part of a $44 million package of repairs planned by the Millennia Companies, an Ohio- […]

4 cheetah cubs born at White Oak Conservation in Nassau County

Rambunctious and endearing, four cheetah cubs born recently at White Oak Conservation, a nonprofit wildlife refuge in Nassau County, are starting to explore their world with their devoted mom’s vigilant guidance.The two female and two male cubs, born Oct. 6 without any complications and being reared by their mother Oronsay, represent a conservation victory for the species that scientists say is vulnerable to extinction.Numbering only about 7,000 remaining in the wild, cheetahs […]

Man slams into ex-girlfriend's St. Johns home after nearly running over 2 of her acquaintances

Sunday a man crashed his car into the St. Augustine Shores home of a woman he previously had been in a relationship with, and St. Johns County authorities said he was trying to run over a man who was with her there.The Sheriff’s Office said the suspect saw the man in the yard with another friend and accelerated the Nissan Maxima toward the two. The two men were able to get out of the way, nearly being struck before the car slammed through the house.Darrin Dewayne Touchton, 58, […]

Duval County recount could end Monday

Duval County election officials could finish the ongoing recount of the more than 383,000 county ballots cast for Florida governor, U.S. senator and state agriculture commissioner as early as Monday.The recount began in Jacksonville at 9:47 a.m. Sunday. By 4 p.m., all of the 65,000-plus mail-in ballots had been counted, and elections personnel were in the process of counting the approximately 165,000 ballots cast during early voting, said John Libby, director of election […]

Memorial Park WW I centennial commemoration honors veterans

Chilly wind gusts and gray skies Sunday didn’t deter hundreds of people who gathered at Memorial Park to remember and honor all United States military veterans, especially those who’ve fallen in service to the country.Memorial Park is Florida’s World War I memorial. Dedicated on Dec. 25, 1924, it honors all Floridians who died in service during the war.The Memorial Park Association hosted a weekend of free events marking the centennial commemoration of World War I, also known […]

Call Box: Miss Congo was Jacksonville's resident gorilla

Dear Call Box: You wrote about Big Joe the alligator in a recent column and mentioned a Miss Congo as being the city gorilla. I’d like to know about her.D.P., JacksonvilleDear D.P.: In the mid-1920s, Miss Congo lived downtown. That’s right, the gorilla was housed on the second floor of a real estate company at 420 N. Main St.At the time, she had the distinction of being the first female mountain gorilla in the United States. […]