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What you need to know about executive privilege

Inaugurating yet another phase in the battle over Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report, the Trump White House on May 8 officially asserted executive privilege over the report’s unreleased and underlying materials. Let’s use this opportunity to take a closer look at what is executive privilege. What is executive privilege? Executive privilege has been asserted frequently by presidents, even though it’s not written into the Constitution.

How often should Trump be fact-checked? Readers weigh in

We asked readers to share their thoughts on how often President Donald Trump should be fact-checked. They had strong opinions. In our most recent weekly email to readers (sign up here), we noted that the Washington Post Fact-checker has released their latest count of Trump's falsehoods: 10,000 false or misleading statements since Trump assumed the presidency. Sometimes people accuse PolitiFact of bias, saying that we go out of our way to find wrong statements from the president, fact-checking every slightly wrong thing he says. But that's clearly not what we're up to.

The record-setting 2020 Democratic primary field: What you need to know

The calendar may say 2019, but the 2020 Democratic primary is already in full swing. The party currently has 22 (soon expected to be 23) candidates officially running, with others possibly in the wings — a field that’s enormous by historical standards. Why is the field so big? What does it mean for the Democrats’ chances of winning the presidency? In this article, we’ll answer these questions and more. Which Democrats are running? As of May 2, there were 22 Democrats running, plus two Republicans, including President Donald Trump. A 23rd Democratic candidate, Montana Gov.

Senate Democrats accuse William Barr of lying to Congress about Mueller’s reaction. Did he?

Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee repeatedly pressed Attorney General William Barr to explain earlier statements to Congress in light of newly published grievances from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.   The night before the hearing, media reports revealed that Mueller sent Barr a letter on March 27 taking issue with Barr’s initial portrayal of the special counsel’s report.

The money and politics of prescription drugs: What you need to know

If there’s one area of health care where Republicans and Democrats might strike a deal, it’s prescription drugs. President Donald Trump has floated a plan to cut drug prices. Democratic and Republican ideas abound in Congress, where lawmakers have put more than 40 bills on the table. In 2018, 39 states passed 94 laws targeting pricing and costs. Florida’s House recently approved a move backed by the state’s Republican governor to allow imports from Canada. So far, Vermont is the only state to take that step. Why do prescription drugs draw so much attention?

In Context: Donald Trump’s ‘very fine people on both sides’ remarks (transcript)

On Aug. 15, 2017, President Donald Trump held a press conference to discuss an executive order he had signed on infrastructure permitting. Reporters shortly began asking questions about Trump’s initial response to violent protests in Charlottesville, Va. It was at this press conference that Trump said that “you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides.” On April 25, 2019, former Vice President Joe Biden declared his 2020 candidacy for the Democratic nomination and the presidency by recalling the events in Charlottesville and Trump’s comments.

A guide to possible paths to impeachment (or not) in the House

Democrats in Congress are debating how to respond to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, which cleared the Trump campaign of criminally conspiring with Russia, but also detailed President Donald Trump’s efforts to restrict and even shut down the probe. After Mueller declined to draw a legal conclusion about whether Trump’s attempts to interfere were unlawful, Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said the president’s conduct was not.

Elizabeth Warren: Does her wealth tax pay for her child care and higher education plans?

Elizabeth Warren is unmatched among the Democratic  presidential candidates for the depth and breadth of her policy proposals. She has tackled building affordable housing, boosting family farms, breaking up Big Tech, and the list goes on. Many of her ideas come with hefty price tags. To help pay for them, she has her Ultra-Millionaire Tax, which would put a 2 percent levy on wealth above the $50 million mark.

Sarah Sanders and the history of press secretary falsehoods

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told special counsel Robert Mueller’s team that she gave false information during a press briefing. Now, some are calling for her removal. Back in May 2017, Sanders told reporters that “countless” FBI agents expressed their support for former FBI Director James Comey’s firing. She subsequently repeated the talking point.

8 times the Mueller report shows Trump, White House spread false or misleading claims

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report provides a behind-the-scenes reconstruction of key events in the first months of Donald Trump’s presidency. The redacted version of the report, released April 18 by Attorney General Bill Bar, verifies and supports media reports about events that Trump dismissed as “fake news.” And it highlights several instances where Trump aides told the press false information, including about the firing of former FBI director James Comey.