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How much has been spent so far on Donald Trump's border wall?

With a possible shutdown looming on Dec. 7, Democratic and Republican lawmakers are battling over what should go into a bill to keep the government lights on. The key obstacle to a bipartisan agreement is how much should be spent on President Donald Trump’s border wall. Trump is pushing hard for $5 billion in wall funding. But Democrats, newly emboldened by their gains in the midterm elections, may not be willing to give that much. Which brings us to a question: How much has already been spent on the wall?

Fact-checking Donald Trump's statement on Saudi Arabia, Khashoggi murder

President Donald Trump’s view that the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi should not touch U.S.-Saudi relations isn’t being well-received by his fellow Republicans. For example, Trump cast doubt over the CIA’s conclusion that Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, said he disagreed with Trump. “The intelligence I’ve seen suggests that this was ordered by the crown prince,” Lee said on NBC News’ Meet the Press Nov. 25. Sen.

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Is it legal for tear gas to be used against migrants?

U.S. Border Patrol agents fired tear gas at migrants seeking entry at the southwest border, claiming the migrants were throwing rocks and bottles. “Is this legal? Is this moral? Is this accurate? What is happening here?” tweeted Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, on Nov. 25. Schatz also reportedly sent but eventually deleted a tweet asking if tear gas was “consistent with the Conventions on Chemical Weapons”? Schatz later on Nov. 25 tweeted that he “deleted the one about chemical weapons because I just don’t know enough about what happened.

A closer look at Donald Trump’s record on military, veterans

In a recent interview with Fox News, President Donald Trump said his administration has delivered for troops and veterans. “I don't think anybody's been more with the military than I have, as a president,” he told Fox News’ Chris Wallace. “In terms of funding, in terms of all of the things I've been able to get them, including the vets. I don't think anybody's done more than me.” Since the early days of the 2016 campaign, Trump has made the U.S. military central to his political ambitions.

Midterm Facebook misinformation: Pipe bombs, menacing caravans and rampant voter fraud

A potpourri of false and misleading information was shared on social media in the weeks before and after the midterm elections of 2018. You didn’t hear that it was open warfare on the streets of Atlanta on Election Day? Rest easy. It wasn’t. How about those 1.7 million unregistered voters actually voting in California? Don’t worry. They didn’t. PolitiFact has partnered with Facebook to fact-check misinformation and hoaxes on the platform. Here are just a few highlights from an historic election season.

Mailbag: Post-election edition

With the 2018 election season now complete, it’s time to go back and look at some of the reader commentary our articles have inspired. Here are a selection of emails we received from readers – positive, negative, and neutral. They have been edited for length and clarity. • • • One reader took issue with our fact-check of President Donald Trump’s statement that under the North American Free Trade Agreement, “we lost thousands of plants.” We rated this Mostly True.

Pumpkin pies, pilgrims and pre-existing conditions: PolitiFact’s 2018 Thanksgiving dinner guide

The conversation may start out innocently enough, but there will be hints of what’s to come after the turkey’s been carved. “I love all of you, regardless of your pre-existing conditions.” “My, my, you’re getting tall! Almost as tall as the border wall.” Then, after a few rounds of stuffing and possibly a few rounds of something stronger, someone will say something you can’t ignore. “This pie is delicious. Democrat activists are funding the caravan, you know.” They’re not. You know that. You can bite your tongue, but for how long?

Is Donald Trump’s pick of Matthew Whitaker for acting attorney general legal?

A day after the midterm elections, President Donald Trump replaced outgoing Attorney General Jeff Sessions with Justice Department lawyer Matthew Whitaker. Critics say Trump acted unlawfully because Whitaker hasn’t received Senate confirmation for the role.   At stake in the dispute over Sessions’ successor is a fight for control of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s 2016 election meddling and possible collusion with the Trump campaign. As acting attorney general, Whitaker oversees the probe, which he has publicly criticized as overly broad.

Donald Trump and Rick Scott allege fraud in Broward, Palm Beach vote counting without any evidence

Without any evidence, President Donald Trump and Gov. Rick Scott have floated accusations of fraud in two left-leaning counties in the aftermath of the Florida election. “Every Floridian should be concerned there may be rampant fraud happening in Palm Beach and Broward Counties,” Scott said at a press conference Nov. 8.