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Richard Burton and Liz Taylor on the set of Villain – in pictures

In 1971, Richard Burton starred opposite Ian McShane in gritty British gangster flick Villain, inspired by Ronnie Kray and filmed on location in and around London. We go on the set of a film that was part of the same Brit-crime movement that gave us Performance and Get Carter, and which has since been hailed as a neglected classic.

•Villain is available now on digital platforms, DVD and Blu-Ray

High noon in a coronavirus-stricken world - in pictures

Lockdowns have brought silence to some of the world’s busiest places. Transport hubs normally teeming with people such as New York’s Grand Central station or Istanbul’s Eminönü ferry docks are all but deserted. Reuters photographers captured the hush that had descended on some of the world’s best-known places on the same day, at noon