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Rights groups vow to fight Trump's 'transphobia masquerading as policy'

White House announces formal ban on transgender people serving in the military, following up on Trump’s controversial policy pledge

After Donald Trump’s order late on Friday supporting a ban on transgender troops except under “limited circumstances”, gender rights groups said they would “vigorously defend” existing legal injunctions on the implementation of the exclusionary measures.

Congress unveils $1.3tn spending bill in bid to avoid government shutdown

Leaders finalize bill that would boost military spending but leave behind Dreamers and deprive Trump of some border wall funding

Congressional leaders finalized a sweeping $1.3tn budget bill Wednesday that substantially boosts military and domestic spending but leaves behind young immigrant Dreamers, deprives Donald Trump some of his border wall money and takes only incremental steps to address gun violence.

Waging Peace: Vietnam's anti-war exhibition brings GIs and Viet Cong together

US anti-war protesters will travel to Ho Chi Minh city for an exhibition that will remind people they were far from a fringe element

Susan Schnall still remembers the shrieks of Vietnam veterans that would ring out at Oak Knell naval hospital throughout the night, as men – some not yet 20 – grappled with the agony of their injuries and the terrible flashbacks of war.

War games: the patriotic clubs training young Americans – in pictures

For her latest series, The Making of a Patriot, documentary photographer Sarah Blesener visited some of the camps and clubs where roughly 400,000 children throughout the US are annually trained in the Christian and military values, and the embrace of American exceptionalism and manifest destiny, that make up the ‘new Americanism’

Sarah Blesener’s previous Guardian gallery, Toy Soldiers

Army veteran who killed three women 'hero who clearly had demons' – mayor

  • Albert Wong, 36, shot hostages at Pathway Home in Yountville
  • One victim was seven months pregnant, family friend says

The army veteran who killed three women after a siege in California completed dangerous missions in Afghanistan that left him anxious and wary when he came home, according to people who knew him.

US navy carrier's Vietnam visit signals closer ties amid China tensions

USS Carl Vinson’s port call was largest US troop presence in Vietnam since war ended in 1975

Thousands of sailors from a US navy carrier and two escort vessels have taken part in a charm offensive while on a port call to the Vietnamese coastal city of Da Nang, in the largest US troop presence in the country since the war ended in 1975.

Gunman and three hostages found dead at US veterans' home

The three hostages were employees of the state-run Veterans’ Home of California-Yountville

Three women and a gunman who held them hostage at a California veterans’ home were found dead on Friday evening local time, bringing a tragic end to an all-day siege at the sprawling facility for ageing and disabled former members of the US military, police said.