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Trump says US stockpile of protective equipment nearly gone amid coronavirus

Report warns of White House and states competing for supplies as president focuses on counter-narcotics operations at briefing

Donald Trump has admitted the US government’s emergency stockpile of protective equipment is nearly exhausted because of the extraordinary demands of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump's salute to Vietnam veterans meets with thanks – and scorn

On national holiday he declared, president who avoided draft salutes those who served

Donald Trump marked National Vietnam War Veterans Day on Sunday, with a tweet praising those who served in a conflict that involved US combat operations in Indochina from 1965 to 1973 .

“You have earned our gratitude and thanks,” he wrote, “by your actions years ago and what you have done since returning home. The nation thanks you and your families for your service and sacrifice. We love you!”

Hospital ship arrives in LA as California braces for crisis on par with New York

Navy supertanker offers 1,000 beds but mayor warns doctors will have to make ‘excruciating decisions’ amid coronavirus

The Mercy hospital ship docked on Friday morning at the Port of Los Angeles, joining California’s battle against the coronavirus as the state prepares to meet New York City levels of demand on hospitals, possibly within days.

US commander says Taliban are not keeping 'their part of the bargain'

Marine Gen Frank McKenzie gave evidence to Congress on Tuesday, hours after US forces began pulling out of Afghanistan

The US commander for the Middle East and Afghanistan has said the Taliban are not keeping “their part of the bargain” from the deal signed with the US earlier this month, saying the insurgents were continuing to launch attacks.

MoD put pressure on regulators to delay drone safety warnings, documents reveal

Exclusive: Ministry was embroiled in behind-the-scenes row over US-built drone

The Ministry of Defence put pressure on regulators to delay safety warnings about a new drone it planned to fly over British skies to avoid tipping off protesters, according to official documents obtained by the Guardian.

They reveal how the ministry was embroiled in a behind-the-scenes row with British safety regulators over the US-built drone, which was being flown from North Dakota to a military base in Gloucestershire.