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US warns Taliban to curb attacks after exit deal calls for 80% cut to violence

Previously secret agreement emerges as spokesmen for US military and Taliban clash on Twitter

The US military has warned the Taliban it must curb attacks inside Afghanistan and revealed that a US troop withdrawal agreement signed in February included an informal commitment for both sides to cut violence by 80%.

US germ warfare research leads to new early Covid-19 test

Exclusive: test has potential to identify carriers before they become infectious

Scientists working for the US military have designed a new Covid-19 test that could potentially identify carriers before they become infectious and spread the disease, the Guardian has learned.

Trump administration challenged to reveal troops levels in war zones

Freedom of information request filed after Pentagon stopped publishing figures for Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria

The Trump administration is being challenged to reveal how many troops the US has in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria – and to explain why it stopped publishing those figures more than two years ago.