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North Korea to resume search for US military remains

US secretary of state Mike Pompeo cites ‘firm commitments’ about return of remains of US service members killed in 1950-53 Korean war

The US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has said talks with North Korean officials about the return of remains of US service members killed in the 1950-53 Korean war “resulted in firm commitments” and that there would be a follow-up meeting on Monday.

US service member killed in 'insider attack' in Afghanistan

Taliban says the shooting was carried out by a member of the Afghan security force who acted alone

The US-led coalition headquarters in Kabul has confirmed that a US service member has been killed in an apparent insider attack in southern Afghanistan.

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The ‘Brownout Strangler’: how a smiling psychopath terrorised wartime Melbourne

A new book about US soldier Eddie Leonski lifts the lid on how the serial killer became a mere historical footnote

When US soldiers arrived in Melbourne in 1942, they brought with them the trappings of a developing consumer culture: jazz music, chocolate bars, nylon stockings and other luxuries scarcely known by locals.

They also brought a serial killer.

Marginalised Mattis appears closer to exit as Trump's defence secretary

James Mattis was left out of the loop on issues such as Iran, Korea and a new space force but his departure would alarm allies

James Mattis has lost influence in the Trump administration, and his future as US defence secretary is now in question, according to former administration officials and analysts.

US prepares for North Korea's return of American war remains

North Korea agreed to send home US war remains during summit in Singapore between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump

The US military said on Saturday it was moving “assets” to an air base near Seoul and to the border with North Korea, to prepare for the return by Pyongyang of the remains of US soldiers missing since the Korean war ended in an armistice in 1953.