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First two F-35A fighter jets to arrive in Australia amid warning on cost

Auditor general’s report warns of a shortage of spare parts and that the $17bn budgeted for 72 strike fighters may climb further

Australia will take delivery of its first two F-35A Joint Strike Fighters, with the aircraft arriving at the Williamtown RAAF base on Monday.

The F-35A Joint Strike Fighter has been labelled the most advanced in the world but it has also been widely criticised for cost overruns and technical problems.

US air force missed four chances to stop Texas church shooter from buying guns

Air force failed to submit Devin Kelley’s fingerprints to the FBI after he was accused of violent crimes dating back to June 2011

The US air force missed four chances to stop the gunman who killed 26 people at a church in Texas in 2017 buying guns after he was accused of violent crimes while in the military, a report by the Department of Defense’s inspector general said on Friday.

In the Hurricane's Eye review: Nathaniel Philbrick's revolutionary triumph

The In the Heart of the Sea author concludes a trilogy on America’s origins with another stirring but clear-eyed read

The American war of independence was a global conflict. Ignored in the popular narrative of Minutemen fighting British regulars is the sea, and the ongoing conflict between the British and French navies.

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US military: one of two crew recovered off Japan after mid-air collision is dead

  • Other recovered man in fair condition but five others missing
  • Fighter jet collided with refueling aircraft

One of two crew members recovered after two US warplanes collided and crashed off Japan’s coast is dead and five others remain missing, the US military have said.

The Marine Corps said on Friday the other recovered crew member was in fair condition.

US says it will pull out of INF treaty if Russia does not comply within 60 days

  • Mike Pompeo sets deadline over nuclear arms agreement
  • US accuses Moscow of developing banned cruise missiles

The US has given Russia 60 days to comply with the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty or it will no longer abide by the agreement and could produce, test and deploy new missiles, the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has warned.

'Not forgotten': Filipino second world war veterans fight for US recognition

Many ageing veteranos who aided the US are without pensions despite several attempts to push through an equality bill

“Don’t say no, no to my lolo. We want equity now!”

The sound of cars passing and honking in the streets of Los Angeles was quickly drowned out by the dozen student and community organizations coming from MacArthur Park. They flooded the streets around 6th and Parkview.

'A different command': how George HW Bush's war shaped his work for peace

Before he was president, Bush was a young naval flier who survived being shot down. The experience stayed with him for life

In 1942, at George Bush’s wartime graduation from his preparatory school, the speaker was Henry Stimson, the secretary of war. Stimson urged the graduates to enroll in college, to give them the skills to become officers. After the speech, Bush’s father asked if anything Stimson said had made him change his mind.

Presidents at War review: Michael Beschloss and the Vietnam scoop that wasn't

The historian made a splash with a tale of nukes and Khe Sanh, but like most in his book it had been told before

A few weeks ago, Michael Beschloss’s new book got the kind of christening few authors even dream of: a front page story in the Sunday New York Times. According to the reporter David Sanger, the big news from Beschloss was contained in new documents revealing that Gen William Westmoreland had wanted to use nuclear weapons in Vietnam in 1968.