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Hong Kong: the city still shaped by feng shui

Feng shui masters are still regularly consulted to help make the city’s buildings harmonious and prosperous

“A lot of people design spaces in Hong Kong and then consult a feng shui master afterwards. But for us it was very important to consult one right from the beginning,” says Philippa Wong of Academy, a learning centre in Hong Kong’s Aberdeen area that offers music tuition.

Trump suggests Montenegro could cause world war three: 'Very aggressive'

The president also called into question the common defence principle of Nato in an interview with Fox News

Donald Trump has drawn fresh scorn for attacking Montenegro, whose people he described as “very aggressive”, suggesting the small nation could be the cause of a third world war.

Days after a widely-criticised summit with his Russian counterpart, Trump’s comments were decried as a “gift to Putin”.

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David Dungay inquest: officer says he thought response team sent to 'security situation'

Officer in charge of immediate action team says he was not told nurse only wanted Dungay to stop eating biscuits

The officer in charge of a rapid response team involved in the forcible transfer of an Indigenous inmate who then died has said he was not told medical staff only wanted the inmate to stop eating a packet of biscuits.

Israel adopts controversial Jewish 'nation state' law

Law stipulates Jewish people have ‘exclusive right to national self-determination’ in Israel

Israel has passed a law declaring that only Jews have the right of self-determination in the country, something members of the Arab minority called racist and verging on apartheid.

The “nation-state” law, backed by the rightwing government, passed by a vote of 62-55 and two abstentions in the 120-member parliament after months of political argument. Some Arab lawmakers shouted and ripped up papers after the vote.

Too long to fit: launch of new Spanish sub runs aground

Spain is having to expand its submarine base as £900m vessel is too big for dock

First it was too heavy, then it was too long. Either way Spain’s expensive attempt to modernise its submarine fleet has gone awry – and left Russian diplomats amused.

The Spanish navy has now been forced to dredge and expand its main submarine base to accommodate the latest version of its S-80 Plus flagship vessel.

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Nicaragua: at least four dead as security forces retake rebel stronghold

Police and pro-government paramilitaries stormed the Monimbó area of Masaya

At least four people are reported to have been killed after Nicaraguan security forces flooded a symbolic rebel stronghold south of the capital, three months after the start of a nationwide revolt against the president, Daniel Ortega.

New York shark attacks: two children bitten in first case in 70 years

Victims aged 12 and 13 discharged after treatment following separate attacks off Fire Island, east of Manhattan

Two children swimming in surf miles apart along New York state’s Fire Island national seashore have suffered puncture wounds to their legs in what are thought to be the first shark attacks in 70 years, authorities said.

The 12-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy were discharged after emergency medical treatment, each with a bandaged right leg. Both were expected to fully recover.

Obama does Nelson Mandela's ‘Madiba Dance’ in South Africa – video

Former US president Barack Obama may have been considered the best dancer among US leaders, but his moves haven’t impressed South Africa’s president. Cyril Ramaphosa ribbed Obama during his address at the Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture, saying the former US president had nothing on Nelson Mandela, whose simple swaying and big smile became known as the ‘Madiba Dance’