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'You're all we've got': fear and hope on Spain's coronavirus frontline

Carers, wildlife rangers and scientists are among the workers shocked to find themselves fighting to keep their country afloat

What María would most like to do at the end of each long day’s siege at the care home where she works is yield to the small source of comfort she has denied herself for almost a month now.

Coronavirus crisis may deny 9.5 million women access to family planning

Charity warns loss of services caused by lockdowns could result in millions of unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions

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  • Up to 9.5 million women and girls could miss out on vital family planning services this year because of Covid-19, potentially resulting in thousands of deaths.

    Hungarian journalists fear coronavirus law may be used to jail them

    Reporters say measures are being used to deny them access to information on pandemic

    Hungarian journalists say a new law supposedly aimed at fighting the coronavirus will make objective reporting of the pandemic harder and leave them open to facing court cases or even jail time for their reporting.