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Labor leadership: Queensland MP Jim Chalmers still considering run against Albanese

Chalmers declares himself a possible candidate to run against Albanese after Chris Bowen pulls out of the race

The Queensland Labor rightwinger Jim Chalmers is continuing to mull whether to run for the party leadership after a coordinated show of force from the frontrunner, Anthony Albanese, prompted an early withdrawal from the ballot by Chris Bowen.

UK suffers crushing defeat in UN vote on Chagos Islands

General assembly strongly condemns British occupation of Indian Ocean territory

The United Nations general assembly has overwhelmingly backed a motion condemning Britain’s occupation of the remote Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean.

The vote, which left the UK diplomatically isolated, set a six-month deadline for the UK to withdraw from the archipelago and for it to be reunified with neighbouring Mauritius.

US repatriates family from Syrian detention camp for Isis suspects

Exclusive: removal of four people could put pressure on other countries to follow suit

An American family has been removed from a Syrian detention centre for suspected members of Islamic State and returned to the US, in a move that could have implications for hundreds of children born to foreigners who have remained in legal limbo since the disintegration of the terror group.

Canadian Arctic fossils are oldest known fungus on Earth

Fungus is half a billion years older than previous record holder found in Wisconsin

Tiny fossils found in mudrock in the barren wilderness of the Canadian Arctic are the remains of the oldest known fungus on Earth, scientists say.

The minuscule organisms were discovered in shallow water shale, a kind of fine-grained sedimentary rock, in a region south of Victoria island on the edge of the Arctic Ocean.

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Isis suspect Jack Letts' parents ignored warnings, court told

Couple are accused of sending or trying to send money to son who left UK for Syria

The parents of a Muslim convert who left his Oxford home for Syria and was suspected of joining Islamic State sent or tried to send him money when they had “every reason” to suspect it could be used to fund terrorism, a court has heard.

Anti-groping app downloads soar in Japan to combat train assaults

Digi Police app enables victims of molesters to notify fellow passengers of harassment

Almost two decades after the introduction of women-only train carriages, female commuters in Japan are turning to technology to tackle molesters on packed rush-hour trains.

The Digi Police app enables victims of groping to activate a voice shouting “Stop it!” at ear-piercing volume or bring up a full-screen message reading, “There is a molester. Please help” that they can show to other passengers.