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Bernie Sanders surges in Iowa poll ahead of caucuses

Vermont senator now choice of 25% of Iowa voters for Democratic candidate, survey found, after Warren drops in popularity

Bernie Sanders has surged ahead of Democratic rivals in Iowa, a new poll released on Saturday suggests, with barely a week to go until the state’s voters head to caucuses to nominate a candidate for November’s presidential election.

'The president did nothing wrong': key takeaways from Trump defense's opening arguments

President’s defense repeatedly came around to a basic argument: nothing Trump did in withholding aid to Ukraine was unusual

Donald Trump’s legal defense team began their argument Saturday during a three-hour session of the impeachment proceedings against the president.

Here are the five key takeaways:

Welcome to the Trump show: defense argues president is a victim and Democrats are villains

White House counsel says prosecution aims to pull off ‘the most massive interference in an election in American history’

Welcome to Day One of the Trump Show.

It was, admittedly, an inauspicious start to what was teased as a “trailer” for the rollicking show to come next week in the historic impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

Inside Christmas Island: the Australian detention centre with four asylum seekers and a $26m price tag

The sole occupants of a million-dollar facility off the country’s coast are two adults and two small children, who are paying the price for its war on refugees

It should be one of Australia’s premier tourist destinations – a remote Indian ocean island with beautiful palm-fringed beaches, coral reefs, turquoise waters and fascinating wildlife.

Instead, Christmas Island has made its name as a notorious prison, home to a sprawling detention centre, purpose-built and razor-wired – and which holds just four occupants, two of them small children.

Veterans criticize Trump's downplaying of US troops' brain injuries

Several US veterans’ organizations call for president to apologize for remarks about injuries suffered by service members in Iraq

Veterans of Foreign Wars, a prominent organization advocating for US military veterans, has called for Donald Trump to apologize for remarks downplaying brain injuries recently suffered by nearly three dozen American service members in Iraq.

We won’t back off on pension protests, union ‘Asterix’ warns Macron

Head of powerful CGT tells French president of trouble to come unless he cancels reform

The union leader heading protests against France’s bitterly contested pension reforms has accused Emmanuel Macron of playing with fire and showing contempt for the country’s workers.

Philippe Martinez, head of the powerful CGT, said the president and his government were “disconnected” from the real world, and their advisers needed to “shake the hands of a few who actually work”.