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A Specially Selected Group of Wounded Warriors Find a New Mission: Hunting Child Predators

<![CDATA[A day can’t go by without an arrest of a child predator broadcast online. Several of these predators were hunted by a scarcely known group of specially trained law enforcement operatives that were recruited from the ranks of the U.S. military. The operatives all had something in common; they bore wounds from their service to the Nation.

A Trump Campaign Platform for 2020

<![CDATA[There are a number of unfinished promises for President Donald J. Trump to keep. The remaining incomplete assurances gives the Trump campaign an opportunity to roll out an agenda of unfinished business and an issue-based reason for voters to cast a vote for Trump this fall. Although the Democrats seem intent on giving the election away to socialist candidates, policies and crazy ideas, a solid agenda could lock down the White House for the president for four more years.]]>