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Mike Channels Mao: The War on the 1st and 2nd Amendments

<![CDATA[Leftist billionaires such as Michael Bloomberg are driving the Orwellian Language of the left on gun issues. This is based on their political alignment to communist dictators like Chairman Mao and Joseph Stalin, who disarmed their people, not in promoting the words of Thomas Jefferson or George Washington, who spoke out on the necessity and benefit of having armed citizens.]]

This—Not the Wall—Will Be Trump’s Most Enduring Legacy

<![CDATA[Despite his short time in politics, President Trump has mastered the art of the stump speech. Beyond his trademark speaking style, he has proven adept at firing up his base by citing the most popular accomplishments of his administration. Among those garnering the loudest reactions are construction of the border wall, reforming the Veterans Administration and getting more worker-friendly trade deals. Big cheers all around.]]

Warren's 'Gifted Storytelling' Can't Hide Her Lies On Medicare For All

<![CDATA[In an unprecedented move, The New York Times editorial board recently endorsed both Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar to win the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. In its endorsement of Warren, the Times described her as a “gifted storyteller,” and praised her for emerging as “a standard-bearer for the Democratic left.”]]