Articles from Town hall columnists

The Roaring Twenties Are Already Roaring

<![CDATA[It’s a new year, but I fear there is no fresh beginning on the horizon. In my memory, I cannot think of a more divided time in America. Founded on a belief in freedom and the rights given by God to all, our Founding Fathers created a republic that protected citizens from government overreach and freed them to turn their dreams into reality. They had confidence in their citizens and the power of community to ensure the future of the republic.]]

Here’s a Tip on Payday Loans

<![CDATA[Financially illiteracy is widespread—especially in the halls of Congress. The recently proposed Veterans and Consumers Fair Credit Act is the latest example. In Washington’s time-honored tradition, the bill claims to help people by restricting them. The often quoted satirical line comes to mind: “we’re from the government and we’re here to help.” ]]

US Deterrence Is Key to Preventing War With Iran

<![CDATA[Deterrence is the best protection against a future war with Iran. Peace through strength is founded on deterrence. America’s strength has allowed the United States to remain relatively peaceful over the past few decades. Our military is undisputedly the world’s most powerful force. That power prevents our enemies from attacking the homeland.]]