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During COVID-19 Crisis, ‘Big Education’ Puts Its Interests Above All Else

<![CDATA[With COVID-19 turning everyone’s world upside down, legislators in Pennsylvania and Oregon still made sure to keep the special interest groups that make up the bloated and sclerotic government education complex, “Big Ed,” sated and satisfied, even if it was to the detriment of their schoolchildren constituents and their harried parents.]]>

Political Reporters Fail Miserably at White House Coronavirus Briefings

Do you think your question was helpful in halting the spread of the coronavirus?” This should be the standard every question shouted at President Donald Trump at his daily Coronavirus task force press briefings should be measured against. Let’s be clear, this is not my standard, this is the standard presented by the White House reporters themselves.

Raised on Radio: Protecting Trump’s COVID-19 PSA Campaign

<![CDATA[America is at a standstill. Each passing hour brings a new sense of anxiousness in what lawmakers and public health officials have to say about the ongoing pandemic. From 24 hours a day news coverage to multiple White House press briefings, transmitting information is absolutely critical to public safety. Indeed, we cover breaking COVID-19 news in real time during my weekday talk radio program, including pressers from all levels of government.]]>