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As the World Looks to Eventually Move on From COVID, November’s Big Issue Has to Be China

<![CDATA[Tensions between the US and China have been heating up over the past month or so. In fact, just this week, inflamed tensions between the two superpowers have been blamed for the Chinese military stepping up military drills around East Asia, as the US and China have levied criticisms at one another in the aftermath of the US sending two aircraft carrier groups to perform dual-carrier exercises in the South China Sea twice in July.]]>

Phoenix Police Shooting Was Justified Use of Force

<![CDATA[With great power comes great responsibility. When a citizen answers the police knocking on his door with a firearm in hand, he assumes a lethal risk. He immediately becomes a deadly threat to the officers and should expect the officers to arm themselves in response to his actions. What happens next will be a matter of life and death, so he must tread carefully. ]]>