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The Answer to the Coronavirus Is More Abortion?

<![CDATA[The Abortion Lobby has taken political operative Rahm Emanuel’s infamous advice to heart: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” In some unprecedented power grabs, abortion advocates are using the crisis of the coronavirus to infiltrate the medical profession and taxpayer resources with political overreach that attempts to make the business of abortion the one thing in America that doesn’t come to a halt.]]>

Old Lives Matter

<![CDATA[We hear it all the time these days: “Almost all the people who are dying from the coronavirus are old.” But what is this supposed to mean? Does it mean that younger people don’t need to worry about contracting it? Or does it mean something worse, as in, “Old people really don’t matter”?]]>

No PBS, Shooting Republicans Is Not A Laughing Matter

<![CDATA[“If they don’t change the statute… they should be shot.”  Based on the liberal mainstream media’s usual narrative you might guess those words were said by some mean conservative; however, you would be wrong. Those violence-inciting words were proclaimed with apparent pleasure by a leftist pundit on a taxpayer-funded PBS channel—and to make it worse, the PBS host, Ted Simons, not only failed to rebuke the comment, he can be heard chuckling at it. Watch the exchange here.]]>