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Have Faith in the Debates

<![CDATA[Washington, DC – “Just say no, Joe.” That’s the advice some are giving former Vice President Joe Biden when it comes to debates with President Trump. It may be in the best interest of the candidate, but not the country because in these unusual times, voters deserve to hear these men discuss their beliefs and how they’ll govern. From America’s role in the world to the Constitution’s role in America, I can’t remember a time when political philosophy and reality have clashed on so many fronts. ]]>

The Sick Hero of Free Speech

<![CDATA[On first impression, Lenny Bruce is few people’s idea of a hero. He was a drug addict, a self-admitted con artist, and was far more at home in a strip club than in a place of worship. At the peak of his comedy career in the early 1960s, critics labeled his brand of humor “sick.” Captain America, he was not. But in the 54 years since his untimely death, Lenny Bruce has routinely been hailed as a trailblazer of comedy and a free-speech pioneer. He was idolized by no less a comedic genius than George Carlin.