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American democracy isn't working. We need to re-write the rules | Bhaskar Sunkara

Yes, I voted in the midterms. But it meant way less than it should have

In a democracy, when people vote for change, things are actually meant to change. But, time and time again, election results in America haven’t reflected the popular will. And the midterm elections were no exception.

Democrats were once invisible in state politics. Those days are over | Nancy MacLean

The lesson from 2018 should be clear: Democrats need to keep investing in all states so the map of possibility at every level once again expands

The long-term future of the United States will not be decided in the nation’s capital. It will be decided in the states – and that’s where the biggest story of the 2018 election is.

For years, Democratic Party leaders and funders focused on the federal level as the place to win major reform, and all but ignored state legislatures. Where the left was not paying attention, the extreme right stepped into the breach.

Arizona has rejected petty political attacks, says Democrat Kyrsten Sinema – video

Democratic representative Kyrsten Sinema speaks about the importance of rising above personal rivalries after beating Republican Martha McSally to take Arizona’s open US Senate seat. She said: ‘Arizona rejected what has become far too common in our country, name-calling, petty, personal attacks and doing and saying whatever it takes just to get elected.

North Korea maintaining more than a dozen missile launch sites, photos show

Satellite images of ballistic missile base are a further sign that US diplomacy has not led to significant disarmament

North Korea is maintaining more than a dozen missile launch sites, according to new research, in a further sign that the summit diplomacy pursued by Kim Jong-un has not led to any significant disarmament.

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema beats Martha McSally to become Arizona's first female senator

Sinema was declared the winner Monday as her lead grew insurmountable during a lengthy vote count

Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat, won a remarkable victory in the race for an open Arizona Senate seat, defeating her Republican opponent after a campaign in which she cast herself as an independent in the tradition of the state’s late senator John McCain.