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For too long Lyft and Uber have abused drivers like me. Not any more | Edan Alva

A new California law will finally give thousands of misclassified workers the rights and protections that everyone deserves

Have you ever taken a ride using the Lyft app? There’s a chance I drove you.

I’ve worked in the gig economy for over four years, mostly as a Lyft driver. I started driving to make money during my hour-long commute to work. When I lost my full time job, Lyft became my primary source of income.

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How Trump could lose the popular vote again – and hold the White House

Hillary Clinton won a majority but lost the presidency in the electoral college. A close election could bring a repeat

Some defeats never lose their sting. In Washington this week, Hillary Clinton summed up her bid for the White House in 2016.

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Donald Trump is no hero of the working class. And the GM strikers know it | Robert Reich

The walkout at General Motors is a predictable and powerful result of the president’s own kind of capitalism

Donald Trump pretends to be a tribune of the working class, standing up for American jobs. Last week nearly 50,000 General Motors workers went on strike to get what they see as their fair share of its profits and stop further layoffs. Trump’s response? A shrug.

'A huge misstep': Angelica Ross on Sanders' LGBTQ forum no-show

The Pose star talks to the Guardian after a historic night when she became the first trans person to host a presidential forum

On Friday night in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Angelica Ross became the first trans person to host a presidential forum.

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Watch live: Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders at Iowa 'people's forum'

Join Democratic contenders for a special 2020 forum organized by with Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action in partnership with the Guardian

A special debate in Iowa on Saturday will see Democratic 2020 contenders share the stage with a number of community leaders, as grassroots organizers bid to push progressive issues further into the presidential race.

Joe Kennedy, Bobby's grandson, to take on veteran Democrat for Senate seat

  • Congressman, 38, to challenge Ed Markey in Massachusetts
  • ‘This is the fight of our lives, the fight of my generation’

Joe Kennedy announced on Saturday morning that he will contest the US Senate seat for Massachusetts held by Edward Markey, in what promises to be an intra-party fight exposing divisions in Democratic ranks.

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Cory Booker will exit presidential race if $1.7m not raised by end of month

  • ‘Without a fundraising surge we do not see a path forward’
  • Booker insists announcement not a stunt to swell coffers

Cory Booker could be the next Democrat to drop out of the race for the presidential nomination.

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