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Trump: 'Very hard to imagine' anything happened between Kavanaugh and accuser

President says Christine Blasey Ford deserves to be heard but continues to defend his nominee as an ‘outstanding man’

Donald Trump has said it would be “very hard” to imagine anything happened between his supreme court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, and Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused him of sexual assault decades ago.

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'No one comes to help us': Florence cleanup highlights Wilmington's stark social divide

In the largely black neighborhood of Northside, the power is out and resources are scarce. In wealthier Monkey Junction, it’s a different story

Shacory Blanks didn’t know Hurricane Florence was coming towards her home in Wilmington, North Carolina, until just hours before landfall. The 31-year-old doesn’t have a television – she can’t afford one – and she doesn’t listen to the radio. Her nephew told her about it.

Classrooms: the latest battleground in Texas's culture wars

The state board’s recent decision to remove references to Hillary Clinton from classrooms is only the latest in an ongoing struggle between the left and the right over education

For Ted Cruz it was not merely a narrow recommendation from an educational advisory committee to remove what they called a “value-charged word”. It was instead the latest example of out-of-touch liberals trying to sabotage American greatness.

'The violence is always there': life as a Sikh in Trump's America

American Sikhs have long born the brunt of bigotry and hate, but the recent surge is being called ‘the most dangerous ever’

Surjit Malhi always imagined that violence against American Sikhs was something that happened to other people. Yes, he wears a turban, a long unshorn beard and bright clothing, which mark him out as different from the European American majority in Turlock, the farm town 90 miles east of San Francisco where he has made his home since 1992. Yes, he’s aware that random attacks against Sikhs and other south Asian Americans are on the rise.

'Trumpwashing': the danger of turning the Republican resistance into liberal heroes

As figures once reviled by the left are hailed for their opposition to Trump, critics warn against forgetting the past

The empire strikes back. At late senator John McCain’s funeral earlier this month, the Clintons, Bushes and Obamas sat side by side in the front pew along with the former vice-presidents Dick Cheney and Al Gore and Cheney’s wife, Lynne. A clip of the former president George W Bush handing a sweet to ex-first lady Michelle Obama went viral.

Trump's insecurity and 'bullshit' hush money: key takeaways from Stormy Daniels' book

Daniels’ memoir Full Disclosure contains vivid details about Trump’s beauty regime and his rapport with Hillary Clinton

While its level of salacious detail about the sitting president is extraordinary, Stormy Daniels’ memoir also chronicles her career and her life.

Report: YouTube's 'alternative influence network' breeds rightwing radicalisation

Study blames social media site’s network of scholars, media pundits and internet celebrities who unite to promote far-right politics

YouTube provides a breeding ground for far-right radicalisation, where people interested in conservative and libertarian ideas are quickly exposed to white nationalist ones, according to a report from Data & Society.

Stormy Daniels: 'Little girl from Baton Rouge' posing big problem for Trump

A $130,000 payment in 2016 bought the porn star’s silence about an alleged affair but now spells trouble for the president

A year after Donald Trump’s inauguration, the Wall Street Journal reported that his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, had arranged a hush payment of $130,000 to a pornographic film actor named Stormy Daniels.

Democrats taking Senate 'would be bigger shock than Trump in 2016'

YouGov pollster plays down talk of a blue wave sweeping away Republican majority: ‘Democrats have to win seven of the nine. I think the odds of that happening are not good’

Democrats aiming to take the US Senate in November need results “more shocking than Trump winning the 2016 election”, a leading polling expert said on Monday, playing down expectations of a blue wave.