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The pandemic is producing a 'Trump bump' in the polls – but it may not last | Simon Tisdall

Despite his contradictory, ill-considered response to coronavirus, a growing chunk of Americans see a man in charge. But making himself the face of the crisis may yet backfire

The rise in Donald Trump’s approval ratings – it would be misleading to call it a surge – appears to have shocked his opponents. Critics in the Democratic party and the media have noisily condemned and ridiculed his handling of the coronavirus outbreak, as have some scientists and economists.

‘That's a nasty, snarky question’: Trump’s media assault rages on in midst of coronavirus crisis

Donald Trump’s intemperate outbursts may be a sign of a leader cracking under the pressure, if it weren’t for the authoritarian tone

As reporters waited languidly on plastic chairs a few feet apart, absorbing birdsong and soft spring sunshine, the White House rose garden was an oasis of calm in a stricken nation. But once Donald Trump began taking questions, the tranquillity was shattered.

Trump administration revokes tribe’s reservation status in ‘power grab’

Sign of willingness to use discretionary powers to attempt to take lands away from Native American tribes, advocacy group says

A tribe is losing reservation status for its more than 300 acres in Massachusetts, raising fears among Native American groups that other tribes could face the same fate under the Trump administration.

How Trump has reacted to journalists questioning his handling of the coronavirus crisis – video

With Donald Trump under increasing scrutiny over his approach to the coronavirus crisis in the US, the president has used his daily press briefings to lash out at the media. With more than 165,000 recorded cases, the US is now the worst-affected country in the world.