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Trump blames Putin personally for election meddling in latest reversal

After clashing statements on who was responsible, president claims he told Russian leader: ‘We can’t have this’

Donald Trump now says he holds the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, personally responsible for his country’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election, further walking back a statement on Monday that drew bipartisan rebukes.

California court kills billionaire's plan to divide state in three

A measure that would have split the state into separate parts will no longer appear on the ballot

A measure that would divide California into three parts will not appear on the ballot in November, the state supreme court decided Wednesday.

The justices ordered the secretary of state not to put the ballot initiative before voters, saying significant questions have been raised about its validity. The court will now consider the merits of a challenge brought by an environmental group.

Trump says Russia no longer targeting US, contradicting intelligence chief

President’s response comes a week after the top US intelligence officer cautioned that Russia is still a persistent threat

Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he does not believe Russia is still targeting the United States, directly contradicting the nation’s top intelligence officer, who said Moscow continues to attack America’s electoral system.

When asked directly by reporters whether he believed Russia was “still targeting the US”, Trump responded: “No.”

Maria Butina: accused spy was in contact with Russian intelligence, prosecutors say

The 29-year-old also offered someone sex in return for a position within an activist group, according to a new court filing

The Russian woman charged with spying in the US was in contact with suspected Russian intelligence officers and a billionaire oligarch linked to the Kremlin, US authorities said on Wednesday.

The truth is still out there. Remember that, as we are all gaslighted | Suzanne Moore

We’re living in dangerous times, when our leaders are lying like two-year-olds and denying there’s an objective reality

Learning to lie is an important stage of child development. It indicates cognitive and social maturity. The tiny child who has chocolate cake smeared all over its face will say “No, I didn’t eat the cake.” It’s cute and funny when little kids do it. They think they can fool us. They don’t understand that other people have minds of their own.

Lights go out on Trump during Russia statement: 'Must be the intelligence agencies!' – video

The US president is plunged into darkness as he makes a statement to the press in which he back-pedals on the Russian meddling remarks he made at a press conference with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Trump started to say that he has full faith in the US  intelligence agencies when the the lights in the Cabinet Room briefly went out. He joked: ‘Oops, they just turned off the light. That must be the intelligence agencies.’ 

Trump condemns Merkel and refuses to criticize Putin in Fox interview

President questions merits of Nato and falsely brags about members’ spending commitments in chat with Tucker Carlson

Asked which world leader – Angela Merkel or Vladimir Putin – better represented their country’s interests, Donald Trump once again displayed an impulse to lash out at an ally while holding back criticism of an adversary.