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Republicans’ lack of alarm over the shutdown reveals a disturbing truth | Ross Barkan

The rightwing, anti-government forces which first took root in the Republican party more than 40 years ago are now in full bloom and Trump is their willing avatar

The government shutdown, now in its fourth miserable week, shows few signs of ending. Donald Trump, obsessed with curtailing immigration at all costs, wants money for a border wall House Democrats won’t give to him. Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate majority leader, has been content to do Trump’s bidding, twice blocking Democratic bills to reopen the government.

Flint water crisis: hope for justice as top Democrat vows to review investigation

Critics say there was little accountability when Republicans headed the investigation and its targets have been let off lightly

New Democratic leadership in the investigation into the Flint water crisis has sparked hope among activists that a tougher line will be taken on prosecuting officials and compensating victims of the environmental disaster.

Trump stamp: how have his first two years marked five key policy areas?

The president has brought his distinctive approach to foreign policy, the economy, the judiciary, the environment and immigration

If there has been one defining trait in the foreign policy of the Trump era, it is confusion – not only in the frequent gaps between the paths taken by the president and his own administration, but also in the morass of contradictions and U-turns in his own impulses.

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Is there a Democrat who can oust Donald Trump?

The Democrats are already fighting for the opportunity to take on Donald Trump – but can any of them hope to unseat him? Plus: Nobel peace prize winner Malala Yousafzai on what she would like to tell the US president about building walls

The Democrats are gearing up for the 2020 US election. After being crushed by the 2016 result, this is a party still struggling to define itself – with a fierce battle under way between candidates from its more traditional and radical wings.