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Contempt or impeachment?: Trump and Democrats locked in ultimate congressional battle

The White House strategy appears to be designed to force the Democrats’ hand, but lawmakers are treading cautiously

Democrats grabbed control of the House of Representatives in January of this year determined to restore congressional oversight. But with the Trump administration now at a moment of reckoning , a battle royal has unfolded.

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Internal emails reveal how the chemical lobby fights regulation

Messages to the Environmental Protection Agency from lobbyists show tactic of sowing doubt in science, critics say

Jayne DePotter spent almost a decade making her Michigan jewelry studio a second home for young artists seeking direction, seniors looking to exercise their hands and minds and new immigrants in search of community.

Climate crisis more politically polarizing than abortion for US voters, study finds

Democrats ranked global heating as the third most important issue on their list, while Republican voters ranked it last in a Yale poll

Surging concern among Americans about an overheating planet has done little to shift a political polarization that has now reached a stunning extreme: climate breakdown divides Democrats and Republicans even more than abortion does.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she'd be 'hard pressed' to back Biden in primary

Bernie Sanders appears to be the favorite to secure Ocasio-Cortez’s prized endorsement in the Democratic presidential primary

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the progressive US congresswoman and social media sensation, has said she would be “hard pressed” to endorse the frontrunner, Joe Biden, in the Democratic presidential primary.

The statement is the latest sign of the left’s apathy towards the former vice-president, who has surged ahead of the Senator Bernie Sanders and other rivals in recent polls.

Eco-friendly ending: Washington state is first to allow human composting

Legislation would let facilities offer ‘natural organic reduction’ which turns a body into about two wheelbarrows’ worth of soil

Ashes to ashes, guts to dirt.

Governor Jay Inslee signed legislation Tuesday making Washington the first state to approve composting as an alternative to burying or cremating human remains.

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Congresswoman teaches housing secretary Ben Carson his own job - video

Democratic congresswoman Katie Porter grills the housing and urban development secretary, Ben Carson, on a series of mortgage-related policy questions that he is unable to answer. In an uncomfortable exchange, Porter asks Carson about ‘REOs’, a basic term related to foreclosure, to which he replies: ‘An Oreo …’

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