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Trump rally crowd chants 'send her back' after president attacks Ilhan Omar

Chant follows Trump’s racist tweets targeting Omar and three other Democratic congresswomen of color

Goaded on by the president, a crowd at a Donald Trump rally on Wednesday night chanted “send her back! send her back!” in reference to Ilhan Omar, a US congresswoman who arrived almost 30 years ago as a child refugee in the United States.

Crowd chants ‘send her back’ as Trump attacks Ilhan Omar – video

During a rally in North Carolina, Trump supporters chant ‘send her back’ after the US president repeats false statements about Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar. The crowd booed when Trump mentioned Omar’s name and a scuffle broke out between Trump supporters and a protester. ‘He goes home now to mommy and he gets reprimanded,’ Trump said as the demonstrator was escorted out.

House kills attempt to impeach Trump for 'disgracing' presidency

More than 100 Democrats join Republicans to table vote, following Nancy Pelosi’s lead

The House of Representatives killed an attempt to impeach Donald Trump on Wednesday, with 137 Democrats joining Republicans to table a vote on articles of impeachment brought by the congressman Al Green of Texas.

Ninety-five Democrats voted to advance the impeachment resolution, which blasted Trump for bringing “disgrace” on the presidency by issuing racist tweets last Sunday aimed at four congresswomen of color. “Tabling” the impeachment articles means they are in effect dead.

House votes to hold Barr and commerce chief in contempt over census

Lawmakers say attorney general and secretary Wilbur Ross failed to hand over key documents tied to citizenship question

The US House has voted to hold two top Trump administration officials in contempt of Congress for failing to comply with subpoenas related to a decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census.