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SA: Invisible Ink Could Reveal Whether Kids Have Been Vaccinated

Keeping track of vaccinations remains a major challenge in the developing world, and even in many developed countries, paperwork gets lost, and parents forget whether their child is up to date. Now a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers has developed a novel way to address this problem: embedding the record directly into the […]

Google Billionaire Larry Page has been Quietly Funnelling Money into Flu Vaccination Initiatives

Google cofounder and billionaire Larry Page has been quietly pursuing a campaign against the flu. Both Page and Google cofounder Sergey Brin stepped back from Google’s parent company earlier this month, driving speculation about what he might be up to next. Page is one of the richest people in the world, with a net worth […]

These 3 Toxins Have the Largest Impact on Your Life Span

Written by Joseph Mercola, D.O., Ph.D. Story at-a-glance – Environmental exposures have a lot to do with biological or cellular aging and, according to a December 2019 study, lead, mercury and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) are the three toxins shown to have the greatest impact on your life span Biological aging is modifiable. Avoiding toxic exposures […]

Vegan Sneakers Set to Be Next Sustainable Plant-Based Craze in 2020

Eco-friendly meatless food products shook up the fast-food industry in 2019. Experts say 2020’s game-changing trend in sustainable consumer goods may be plant-based (or “vegan”) athletic shoes. Last week, Reebok, owned by Adidas since 2005, unveiled the design for its first plant-based running shoe, the Floatride GROW, which is expected to hit store shelves next […]

AP: Purdue Pharma Owners Took Billions Out of Company as Opioid Crisis Worsened

The Sackler family – the wealthy owners of OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma – started taking far more money out of the company AFTER it was fined for misleading marketing of the powerful prescription painkiller. A court filing made by the company Monday evening shows Purdue made payments for the benefit of members of the Sackler […]

Massive Pushback Sinks New Jersey’s Attack on Religious Exemptions

Hundreds of protestors made their voices heard outside a window to the state Senate chambers at the Statehouse in Trenton on Monday, speaking out against a bill that would eliminate religious exemptions in New Jersey. It passed the Assembly, but the Senate, lacking the votes to approve it, abandoned an effort Monday night to pass […]

French Scientist Creates Machine that Turns Plastic into Diesel and Gasoline Fuel

A self-taught French scientist, funded by a French actor, has created a machine that might be a possible solution to the problem of plastic waste. The machine, called Chrysalis, converts non-recyclable plastic trash into 65% diesel, 18% gasoline, 10% gas, and 7% carbon. The inventor, Christofer Costes, 35, says that the diesel can be used […]

‘They Could be Anywhere’: Day 2 of Search for Florida Kids at Center of Amber Alert

Search crews in Jacksonville, FL are looking again Monday for two siblings at the center of an Amber Alert. Braxton Williams, 6, was last seen wearing a red sweater with blue jeans and Bri’ya Williams, 5, was last seen wearing a grey sweatshirt with colorful writing on front and black leggings. The children were last […]