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Texas Trophy Hunter Pays $110K To Kill Rare Pakistani Goat In Front Of Its Babies

Trophy Hunting in Pakistan A video posted on social media shows trophy hunter Bryan Kinsel Harlan killing a rare mountain goat in Pakistan. The video depicts Harlan climbing mountains in Pakistan’s northern Gilgit region with guides. There is footage of him shooting the goat, called a markhor, and high-fiving guides. He then holds the dead […]

Children With Parents Who Are Addicted To Their Cell Phones Affect Children’s Development – According To Scientist

How many hours a day do you use your cell phone? Be honest. How often do you scroll through social media, watch a cute video, read an article, check the weather, play games, or google something interesting? How often do you scroll just standing in line, because you are bored or you just do it […]

People Are Refusing To Use Self-Checkout Because It’ll “Kill Jobs”

Do you envision a future filled with nanotechnology, robots, and faster, smarter computers? Dreams for this type of future may be slowed to a halt, as groups of concerned citizens resist the increasingly present self-checkout. Fear of economic downturn and job loss ward off shoppers from using such automated tellers. Canadians Proudly Resist Self-Checkout A […]

5 Natural and Easy Cleaners You Can Make at Home

Analysis by Joseph Mercola. D.O., Ph.D. Story at-a-glance – Harsh house cleaning chemicals expose you to health hazards and pollute the environment, but you can easily and inexpensively make your own natural cleaners Lemons are effective as deodorizers as well as kitchen and bath cleaners Hydrogen peroxide has unique antibacterial properties that make it ideal […]

Teen Overdose on Common Prescription Medication Increases

According to a recent study published in the journal Clinical Toxicology, cases reported to U.S. Poison Control Centers involving children ages 12 to 18 increased by 54% from 2000 to 2015. Overdoses on benzodiazepines, commonly prescribed anxiety medications, have particularly increased at a dramatic rate. Researchers examined 296,838 cases of benzodiazepine exposure in children under […]

Don’t Kiss My Baby: Mother Sends Warning About RSV Ahead Of Winter

After a Keansburg, New Jersey mom’s son had a close call with a severe case of respiratory infection, she is warning people against kissing babies. Mother of four, Ariana DiGrigorio experienced a nightmare when her 8-month-old son Antonio caught the flu. When he didn’t get better after two months, she took him to the hospital […]

How Exercise Affects Disease Prevention and Prognosis

Analysis by Joseph Mercola. D.O., Ph.D. Story at-a-glance – Exercise proved to be a more powerful indicator of ability to function following a stroke than body fat (as measured by BMI) Less-active participants who suffered a stroke were 18 percent less likely to be able to perform basic self-care, such as bathing and eating, following […]

10 Ways to Live Longer

Written by Joseph Mercola, D.O., Ph.D. Story at-a-glance – Researchers from Arizona and Texas have made a breakthrough discovery in plant DNA that could lead to stopping cancer cold, as well as slowing the aging process Centenarians are optimistic and have low rates of depression and other psychiatric problems Good quality sleep, in the right […]

Reuters: Legionaries Founder Sexually abused 60 Boys, Religious Order’s Report Says

Sexual abuse of minors was prevalent among superiors of the Legionaries of Christ Catholic religious order. At least 60 boys were abused by its founder Father Marcial Maciel, a report by the group showed. The report is significant because for decades until 2006, including during all of the pontificate of Pope John Paul, the Vatican […]