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Using a greenhouse for food self-sufficiency

This Greenhouse Invention from Purdue Could Help Address the Global Food Crisis Recently, researchers at Purdue University have been working on creating an automated conveyor-belt type system for their 1,000-square-foot, on-campus greenhouse that’s designed to keep plants within the structure constantly moving. The team hopes that developing this technology will pave the way for options to address […]

U.S. gov’t worker suffers traumatic brain injury after ‘abnormal sound’ incident in China

The US State Department issued a health alert to US citizens in China on Wednesday after an American embassy employee suffered a traumatic brain injury. According to the State Department, the injury was due to an “abnormal sensations of sound and pressure.” RELATED STORY: CNN: Diplomats hit by ‘large’ sonic attacks causing nausea, headaches, hearing […]

Study: This exercise method significantly boosts your mood

By Dr. Mercola Resistance exercise training, commonly referred to as weight training or strength training, is often viewed as an activity aimed at building large muscles. While it certainly does build muscle mass and strength, its benefits don’t end there, as strength training offers bodywide benefits from your heart to your brain. In fact, recent […]

Scientists genetically engineer yeast to make THC, will the whole thing go to pot?

Written by: Digital Trends (Note from Erin: We do not think genetically engineering this is a good idea but, no doubt, the government does. We’d also like to draw attention to this article, “The Complete Guide to Medical Marijuana for Seniors,” as it could be a helpful resource to many.) Medical marijuana is causing a stir as patients […]

The evidence is in- fish oil is good for you.

While doctors have known about the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids for a while, new research carried out by the Copenhagen Prospective Studies on Asthma in Childhood (COPSAC) research center in Denmark, in collaboration with the University of Waterloo, Canada suggests that supplements made from the unsaturated fat may have an additional benefit: they […]

Professor and her students may have found a cure for Lyme Disease

(Editor’s Note: Here’s a story I bet you heard nothing about…perhaps because most doctors deny that it’s as serious an issue as it is. Read on.) Although it’s still too early to tell, professor of cellular and molecular biology, Eva Sapi, Ph.D. of the University of New Haven, believes her research just might point to […]

These 5 organizations are the reason cannabis is still a crime

It’s often half-jokingly said that if there was one thing that could bring Americans together, it would be cannabis. That might seem a little farfetched at first, but once you discover how many people want cannabis legalized, it will make sense. As of 2018, nine states allow recreation use in some form, while 30 allow medicinal use […]

Whole Foods backs off mandatory GMO labeling

Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods is pulling back on their initial plan to require GMO labeling for all foods sold in stores, by September. However, A.C. Gallo, chief operations officer, says this isn’t a “permanent cancellation of the initiative.” RELATED STORY: CBS: Amazon and Whole Foods unveil new price cuts for Prime members Whole Foods announced the mandatory […]

Diet kicked her terminal breast cancer into remission, now Harvard wants to study her

In 2005, Kathy Bero was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer and given about 21 months to live. At the time she was 41 years old, had two young daughters and wasn’t ready to die so she went the traditional route with surgery, chemo, and radiation. But the disease came back. She said, “Eleven months after my […]