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Newsweek: Vaccine hesitancy listed by WHO as one of the top 2019 health threats

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently came out with their list of the top 10 health threats facing the world in 2019 and guess who made the list? People who want the choice not to vaccinate: “vaccine hesitancy—the delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite their availability”1 rounded out at number eight. RELATED STORY: […]

Costco is pulling Roundup from the shelves and will no longer sell the carcinogen

Another blow to Bayer (formerly Monsanto) and a win for us and the environment: it’s been confirmed that Costco will stop selling RoundUp and glyphosate-based herbicides this Spring! (Hopefully, stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot will be next.) RELATED STORY: CNN: Bayer is cutting 12,000 jobs in the wake of its Monsanto deal Costco’s is the […]

Former Mrs Virginia left suicidal and bed-ridden in agonizing pain by her BREAST IMPLANTS – and now feels ‘reborn’ after returning to a 32B

Brandi Pope, 38, a mother-of-three and former Mrs. Virginia had silicone implants a couple of years ago to replace saline implants she had gotten in 2009. However, after those replacements, her health spiraled. And it was this declining health that eventually led her to contemplate suicide. RELATED STORY: Yahoo: I got my breast implants removed […]

The Toxic Mold Project is online and FREE from January 28 – February 3, 2019

The unrecognized consequences of mold toxicity can create hormonal imbalances, brain disrepair, chronic gastrointestinal issues, and multiple autoimmune conditions — join us and learn to identify and treat exposure. Click here to register. Too many people have had mystery illnesses FOR YEARS, only to have multiple doctors tell them to just “take some meds.” Toxic mold […]

This practice doesn’t cost a penny, yet it yields dramatic results

Keeping a written record of the things you’re thankful for is good for your health. That’s the conclusion reached by an ever-growing number of published studies showing a wide range of physical benefits. According to Laurie Santos, a psychologist who teaches a science of well-being and happiness course at Yale, focusing on gratitude has become […]

NBC: Woman in mid 20s with no underlying medical conditions dies from flu, had received flu shot

EL PASO, Texas – An El Paso woman in her mid 20s – and who had been vaccinated against the influenza virus – is the second flu-related death in the area this season, the El Paso Department of Public Health announced Thursday. Health officials said the woman was in her mid-20s and had NO known underlying […]

CBS: Prince Phillip, 97, flips his SUV while driving and walks away without a scratch

Police tell TMZ … Prince Philip and the driver of the other vehicle were both given breathalyzer tests. Police say that’s standard ops, but imagine being the officer asking Queen Elizabeth’s husband to blow. Both of them passed with flying colors, btw. We’re told the other driver suffered minor cuts, and her passenger has an […]

CDC: Vaccines aren’t vegan and contain pig virus DNA, monkey kidney cells and more

A list of vaccine excipients released by the CDC provides insight into some of the most toxic ingredients that big pharmaceutical companies use in manufacturing vaccines. With the FDA and CDC insisting on the safety of these vaccines, larger drug firms continue to use these ingredients to cash in on their products while simultaneously disregarding […]

WATCH: Volunteers kicked out of Nat’l Park for cleaning it during shutdown—without a permit

(Thank you to the Free Thought Project for the story below.) As the government shutdown enters week five, debris, trash, and snow are piling up at national parks across the country as the bureaucrats who get paid to maintain them stay home. Luckily, however, volunteers from all walks of life have stepped up to fill […]

Pinterest banned top health sites like ours. Sign petition here.

On December 13th, the hard work I put into my Pinterest page, which I had before I had even started my website – and with its many thousands of followers- disappeared. Poof. In an instant, it was gone. RELATED STORY: Breaking: Pinterest censoring anti-vaccine doctors and pins related to vaccine rights But it didn’t just happen to […]