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11 people who blew the whistle on information that was once considered a “conspiracy theory”

Whistleblowers are an important sector of society. Without them we wouldn’t know many of the important things we do now; when whistleblowers reveal classified or unpopular information, “it creates more transparency and reveals the true intentions for secrecy” which often fall under the justification of “national security” or are just the result of basic greed. With

Suspicious organic grain shipment intercepted at U.S. port

An organic industry watchdog, The Cornucopia Institute, which has been monitoring imports after investigations in 2007 discovered wholesale fraud, reports that twenty-five thousand metric tons of purportedly organic corn, grown in Russia, Moldova, and Kazakhstan, currently sit idle on the M/V Mountpark, a United Kingdom-flagged vessel lingering off the coast of California. Farmer-owned cooperatives in

Skin implant creates an artificial ‘mole’ if people are at a high risk of breast or prostate cancer, scientists claim

A new artificial mole, created by Swiss scientists, is said to be a potential new partner in the early detection of four of the most common cancers. The new skin implant “will create an artificial ‘mole’” on those who are at a high risk of prostate, breast, lung and or bowel cancer. RELATED STORY: Neem Shows

Enough already: Autism needs to be declared a national health crisis

The CDC is due to release its latest ADDM surveillance numbers. Will our federal health agencies continue to downplay the numbers’ significance, as they have done each time the data show a rise in ASD prevalence? Or will they finally sound an alarm and make it a top priority to find out what is causing

Sperm Whale found dead in Spain, stomach FULL of 64 pounds of plastic

Wonder where your plastic waste goes? In case you really want to know and do something about it, the plastic you use and throw incessantly ends up inside innocent sea mammals. RELATED STORY: Guardian: Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles In February, a young 10-metre-long male sperm whale, the largest of the

BBC: Journalist found dead after mystery fall

On April 12th, Maxim Borodin, a Russian investigative journalist who wrote about the deaths of mercenaries in Syria, died in the hospital after (allegedly) falling from his fifth-floor flat. Officials said no suicide note was found and that his death was unlikely due to foul play. (His door was locked from the inside.) His friend, Vyacheslav