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Canadian PM Trudeau Says Rail Barricades 'Must Come Down', Doesn't Say How

<img src=’’ alt=’Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke about protesters’ ongoing rail blockade in a news conference in Ottawa, Ontario, on Friday.’/>

Protesters have blocked key railways, shutting train traffic in much of the country. Demonstrators are trying to stop a pipeline project being built through the lands of the Wet’suwet’en people.

(Image credit: Patrick Doyle/Reuters)

Why Are Swarms Of Locusts Wreaking Havoc In East Africa?

<img src=’’ alt=’Desert locusts jump up from the ground and fly away as a cameraman walks past earlier this month in Kenya’s Nasuulu conservancy.’/>

Clouds of the insects can stretch for miles, devouring vegetation and destroying crops. Locust experts say time is running out to get the swarms under control because they multiply so quickly.

(Image credit: Ben Curtis/AP)