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Controlled Burn Held At Manassas Battlefield Park To Restore Civil War Landscape

<img src=’’ alt=’National Park Service wildland firefighters set a prescribed fire in Manassas National Battlefield Park’s Brawner Farm area to help the area look more like Civil War soldiers would have seen it.’/>

Smoke rose above planned maneuvers to defeat overgrown vegetation, preserving the wartime feel of the park where thousands of soldiers fought in 1862.

(Image credit: Brian Gorsia/NPS)

South African Government Ramping Up Efforts To Get More Land Into Black Ownership

Nearly a quarter century after the end of apartheid, whites still own most of the land in South Africa. A new political party thinks land should be appropriated without compensation and given to blacks. The view is increasingly popular, despite the cautionary tale of Zimbabwe to the north.

Why Mike Pompeo's Views On Muslims Keep Coming Up In His Confirmation Hearing

Mike Pompeo’s nomination to be Secretary of State is controversial in part because of his history of making incendiary comments about Muslims. Wa’el Alzayat, a former State Department official, who now leads the Muslim-American activist group Emgage Action, talks about why he thinks Pompeo’s views are dangerous for the international community.