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Gene Genovese and Our Criminally Reckless Wars

Eugene Genovese (1930-2012) was an accomplished and influential historian of the United States whose professional and personal trajectory carried him from the radical Left to a distinctive form of conservatism. As a young man, he was a card-carrying communist. He ended up a devout Roman Catholic. His contributions to scholarship were legion and his impact on our understanding of slavery and on Southern slaveholders massive.

Stetsons and the Sixties: Among the Bernie Bros in Texas

“Bernieee Yo-da! Bernieee Yo-da!” So said a man holding up a T-shirt with Baby Yoda dressed in a blue cape with “Bernie” on its chest, above “Feel the Bern 2020.”

Then came a commotion to my side, as seems foreordained at these sorts of political rallies.

A young man in a Stetson holding a microphone was haranguing a white-haired man playing a guitar emblazoned with a big “Bernie” sticker.

“You could never play that under communism!” exclaimed the Stetson wearer, as two other men similarly dressed in black circled, videoing the scene. “It wouldn’t be allowed!”